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Winter Solstice/Yule

Winter Solstice -Yule

  • What is it ? 

It is the longest night and shortest day of the year which is either on the 21st of December or 22nd of December depending on the year. It's also the first day of Winter.

  • Activities-
Make a Pagan Nativity Scene, Meditations - especially on peace, upcycled wrapping , gift making - exchanging -and buying , story writing - telling - and reading , Decorate a solstice tree, make a yule log , gathering , dancing, kitchen witchery , baking, remedy creations, candle making

  • Rituals/spells -
 Spell sachets for your solstice tree or anywhere, snow magic, ice magic, consecrate/ charge snow water, spell baskets ( for gifts ) , make and charge jewelry , meditation/ magic/ spell work and rituals for inner wisdom and guidance, peace, love, increased happiness, purification, joy , love, and safety .

  • Crafts - 
upcycled wrapping paper , homemade gifts - link - wreaths, tree ornaments, pagan nativity scenes , sculptures, candles, quilts, - any indoor crafts story books- kids and adults, book making , sleep crafts- pillows - dream catchers, etc.

  • foods 
- vegan corn chowder , nut balls/ bonbons , gingerbread pancakes, vegan mac and cheeze (add kale and or tomatoes to get in color ) , oatmeal's, scrambled tofu , hot coco, trial mix , pesto , cabbage lentil soup , veggie soup, vegan whipped potatoes, yellow smoothie , dried fruits, citrus, nuts, seeds, baked goods ,nut and seed butters , peppermint, vanilla, ginger ,   store-able foods - grains, beans , lentils , dehydrated  or freeze dried fruits and veggies, tea blends, foods in the festive colors - green, white, red, orange, yellow, warm comfort foods, and anything in season in your area


  • youtube channel Toadstool Mushroomgazer
  • vegan gifts , www.veganessentials.com , www.veganstore.com 

Additional notes- Please note my blogs on Sabbats are my personal ideas for crafts, activities etc. Certainly not all there can be .

Monday, December 1, 2014

Eco Lovely Homemade Gifts To do Yourself

Eco Lovely Homemade Gifts To do Yourself

1.) Homemade Toothpaste  - Click on the link to view the video that will show you how! http://youtu.be/Q0U0urOm3pM This toothpaste works great and has seemed to halt the growth of my cavities ! It is a vegan toothpaste , that isn't tested on animals , tastes great and is safe if you accidentally swallow some though, I wouldn't recommend you eat too much of it as it contains about 33 % baking soda .

2.) Water color postcards and greeting cards. You can buy these at some art supply stores or find them online. These are great if you enjoy art . The ones I have seen are plain blank postcards/ greeting cards and you can paint anything you want on them though, there are probably paint by number ones out there too. If you have someone on your list who loves to travel or keep in touch the old fashioned way with letter writing and card sending - Perhaps, paint up a pack for them or paint a few for several people. You can of course also paint them and use them , fill them out and send them off yourself as personal homemade card/ postcards rather than buying cards . - The unpainted pack would likely make a great gift for any artists on your list too !

3.) Recipe Jars - These are great gifts for anyone who doesn't care much for cooking , you want to introduce to vegan meals, or is busy and would appreciate a little help in the kitchen . You simply take a canning jar ( The largest size is often best .) Find a recipe that will work with this project and print it out or hand write it and attach it to the jar . Add all the dry ingredients of the recipe to the jar and write a note to hang over the recipe saying Just add and then the wet ingredients . Here is an example .
PmS Hot cocoa or healthy hot cocoa depending on who you are giving this too as it's great for men and children too
In any size jar combine the amount of raw powdered pure cacao, maca powder , and xylitol. Then write just add 1 tsp. from this jar per cup to a coffee cup along with 1 tsp. vanilla extract , 1/2 c. boiling water and 1/2 c. vegan milk of choice then heat and enjoy ! - Include the full recipe or contents of jar somewhere too so , people know what they are eating or drinking .
See , video here http://youtu.be/EQf8wNccYkE

4.)Affirmation keeper - This may be great for someone on your list . Write or print out positive affirmations on small slips of paper fold them and place them into a decorated box , basket or bowl .

5.) Sample baskets/ boxes - If there is something you buy and use regularly and in different varieties, flavors etc. and know someone else who likes the same thing you can make them a sampler pack . For us this was teas but, it could be fruit leathers, bulk spices and herbs , stationary / beautiful computer papers or a million other things .
Simply save some of whatever you buy for awhile and then arrange the collection in an attractive way .
6.)Up-cycled Journals or notepads 

7.)Spell bags , baskets , and so forth - Find the purpose of the gift ( Such as friendship, courage, healing - specific or general ,business success , etc. Collect correspondences such as stones/gems, colored candles, herbs, essential oils, representation of element , you can include a spell or affirmation or note s well and arrange them nicely in container of choice .
Examples : For new friends
a few pieces of rose quartz , a pink soy candle , a pad of pink lined paper , a pink ink pen or colored pencil , and a cheap how to make friendship bracelets book , and a handwritten note saying " Make new friends but, keep the old , one is silver one is gold . "
Healing for thyroid or any throat neck condition -
Blue candle , blue gemstones of choice , a small sealed jar of water charged with healing energies , a page photo copied about the throat chakra and how to help heal it . and a pouch of chamomile .

8.)  A general purpose magic supply basket -
Example of how you might fill it
Perhaps, white soy candles , or a couple in every color , a black cloth, a white cloth , a recipe for clay , a set of colored pens a couple small offering bowls ,  a smudge stick
I love these because, you get to be so incredibly creative in making them and put so much care and love into individualizing them ! :)

9.) A handmade recipe book of your favorite vegan recipes

10.) Individualized Gift baskets - Think of who you are giving it to and what cool small , affordable things you can put in there that they will like . This is similar to filling a stocking - small little things that add up to make a great gift . If you are particularly crafty perhaps your handmade goodies can be it or most of it . Do you make soaps, candles, carve stones, make jewelry , bake ( delicious vegan food of course) , herbal remedies or tea blends? All of these and more would be great ! Also libraries are wells of information and perhaps photo copying some info to go in baskets is at times appropriate - poems, quotes , do it yourself instructions ,self help exercises, beautiful pictures, correspondences , jokes and more..

11.) Tea blends - Create canning jars of loose leaf tea blends

12.) Comfort baskets - Especially good for anyone with depression or Seasonal depression . Compile a basket full of things this person takes comfort in and humans in general do  Ideas- a stress ball , a teddy bear , a soft blanket  or shawl, uplifting music they like , uplifting guided meditation or affirmations on cd , comforting scents - essential oils , cinnamon sticks , dried lavender etc. herbal teas , print outs on relaxation stretches from the internet , a postcard or picture , think of your own ! lol. I sense I could be here all day

13. ) Burn a cd - If you have a program to burn cds or are contemplating getting one these can be great gifts if you know the persons taste in music ! The one I used to have allowed me to burn most songs free with the $15 / month subscriptions and charged me 40- 90 Cents for a few but, always let me know if it wanted to charge me and let me back out !

14.) Coupons- Make them coupons for things you can and will do for them that  they'd appreciate
Examples :
Free baby sitting for 4 hrs, 20 minute massage, one week's laundry washed, dried and folded , one vegan dinner , One driveway shoveling free of charge

15.) A poem, Song , or story written by you ! I'm very serious ! I think most people have someone on their list for who this gift would be the up-most ! Think about it .. Wouldn't your kids love a story ? You mom love a poem about how great she is ? Your lover a romantic story of the two of you indulging in  magic carpet ride on a planet with purple clouds and flowers that taste like chocolate ?  A friend or co- worker like a story about how their dreams came true ? Or someone like a song about how they are a super hero ?

16.) Personalized computer made gifts - If you don't have a program to do this Walmart allows you to make calenders , mugs and more from your photos and cafe press ( find online ) has a ton of things you can make from pillows to car magnets , to clothes and more !

17.) Other collection/ Theme packages - I can really think of a ton of these but, here's just a couple more  a boredom kit - Include a couple board games , some Sudoku puzzles, word searches, crosswords . A green cleaning pack include vegan green cleaners , some recipes to make your own , maybe some cleaning clothes or post consumer paper towels .

Friday, October 17, 2014

Easy Vegan Pumpkin French Toast

Easy Vegan Pumpkin French Toast

Bread - 2-3 slices
ground flaxseed ( optional )
Pure vanilla extract - 1/5- 1/4 tsp.
Pumpkin spice 3/4 tsp. Or to taste
1 1/2 Tbs. Unseasoned or sweetened  pumpkin puree
Agave - to taste
Mix ingredients in a bowl. Dunk bread slices so , both sides are coated. Fry in coconut olied ( oiled with coconut oil ) skillet set to medium high before hand. Brown on both sides and serve with agave .

Note:-Double ingredients to increase yeild.

Monday, October 6, 2014


watch my Samhain video - 

What is it ? - It's the 3rd Harvest , the witches New Year, and called many other things it is Oct.31st every year or as a 3 day festival 30th- 1st , or 31st - 2nd

Make divination tools ( runes, tarot cards, pendulums, etc..), mask making , make a goal/resolution collage, broom decorating , wreath making , pumpkin, gourd, or squash decorating , up-cycled crafts 

Activities-Start or consecrate a Book of Shadows, write ghost letters ( see video for what that is ) , do divination , do kitchen witchery ,make an ancestor altar

Rituals/spells-costume as spell, divination, banishing spells , ancestor work ( such as dumb suppers for example) ,

Food- vegan pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin oatmeal, vegan pumpkin french toast , pumpkin  or gingerbread bread , pumpkin pie, stuffed acorn squash ....,

pumpkin seeds, apples, ( all in harvest foods ) , black lentils, black lentil or black rice pasta for a fun healthy black base ,

Harvest  pizza -

I followed the directions of the recipe posted as the first comment and below here . I used WHOLE wheat flour (healthy) ..http://www.food.com/recipe/vegan-pizza-dough-10579?layout=desktop
 And eden organic spaghetti sauce (which is sugar free and vegan ) and for toppings I used daiya cheddar shreds,chopped onions, cashew pieces, some pumpkin seeds from my pumpkin seed and kale recipe (reg pumpkin seeds will work ), garlic , and peels of carnival carrots (the colored ones) just used potato peeler

Gingerbread pancakes - see photo great for samhain or halloween and other times!

1 1/2 C. healthy flour of your choice ( I used a sprouted whole wheat )
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp . baking soda
1/4 tsp fine sea salt
1/2 tsp. ground ginger ( powdered ginger )
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 flax egg ( or vegan egg re placer ) -- flax egg explained below
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 C. molasses
1 1/2 C. water

Directions : 1. First make flax egg by putting 1 tsp ground flaxseed in a bowl with 3 1/2 tsp. water , mixing and allowing to sit for 30 minutes . 2. Whisk ( or with a fork mix ) into the bowl the dry ingredients but, only 1/2 the flour . 3. Then mix in molasses and water until completely smooth . 4. Then whisk in remaining flour . 5. Over medium low heat add a small amount of coconut oil to a frying pan and allow to liquify 6. then proceed as with any pancakes . ( a moderate amount of bubbles means first flip )

- great with agave syrup on top !

Autumn Ambrosia

Ingredients : Use the amount of each fruit you want to suit your preferences I've given estimates of how much I used
1 1lb bag - Frozen ( though can be fresh I just can't find them ) dark cherries
4- apples of choice ( I used gala )
3- peaches
3- green pears ( sorry spacing what they are called - the most common ones ... )
4- purple plums
one bag - dandies marsh mellows
2 handfuls- unsweetened coconut shreds

Directions: 1. Wash and cut fruit into chunks ( see photo for an idea of size ) . 2. Add them into a large bowl .3. Cut dandies in half ( optional but, I find it makes all the difference - You want to make sure to do this last as it makes your knife sticky - ripping is an alternative ) 4.add in 5. and add coconut shreds .6.  Mix

Pumpkin Bread With Blueberry Sauce
Pumpkin Bread Recipe -

Blueberry sauce

Is actually as smoothie ..
1 half Banana
2 C. Frozen blueberries
1 1/2 C blackberries fresh or frozen
Organic soymilk
Blenderize !

Still more recipes to come !
video link -

Monday, July 21, 2014

Update Litha- Lammas 2014 season personal update

 Hi everyone,
I just thought I'd take some blog space and type about some of what I have been up too.
 Right now as I type - July 18th were pretty well in the middle of Litha and Lammas.
 One person said to my the other day ." Nice Summer huh? " "Yes", I replied then he said " It'll be winter again soon. " This was a negative thought to have come up because, we are not far into Summer and here in New England we had a long winter last year . It was chilly and winterish through most of Spring .
 I tried to brush it off as nothing but, because the next Sabbat is Lammas- the first harvest festival , my mind drifted to Autumn a bit . It drifted to colored leaves and pumpkins and fall scarfs. The thing that spooked me was it was all pleasant day dreaming .
 Autumn is my favorite season . But, I want and intend to appreciate and enjoy the wonderful Summer fully .
 Later - over the next couple days I noticed myself finding negativity in the now - the Summer - spiders , humidity and such .
 So, I stopped myself and created an exercise . I folded a piece of paper in four sections and I wrote each season then I wrote what I like about each then I flipped it over and wrote what I want to get and do out of the rest of this Summer and then each of the upcoming seasons .
 This exercise served to point out there's good I appreciate in each and to re-align me with where we are right now in the moment - in Summer. It was good. I found that most got written on Summer , then Autumn and so on with only a few on Spring . This exercise put me back on track where I want to be.
 Another thing I have been doing is foraging - not much yet but, I have done some prep work -taken down notes and made plans . I have found ,picked, and eaten some wild berries and also, as my last post shows a day-lily . I have my eye on some sumac for the very near future. This feels wonderful for a few reasons just one being the connectivity I feel eating from my very close, natural , wild surroundings - It brings me closer to home, to the land , the here and now ,Earth's nurturing and providing .
 I have made a lammas book - a spiritual / peaceful warrior affirmation book more specifically - video coming soon.
And I am working on a couple others - one for wildcrafting and foraging and one for a grimmore which is to be my Maboon gift to myself.
 I know book making isn't traditionally Lammas related and is Imbolc related (atleast to me it is ) but, because of the content of the books it feels like it belongs in the present's doings .
 I have done a Lammas altar and I've been working with my warrior archetype and have had some related ideas come to me I have yet to utilize.
 We have been having a wonderful Summer here! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day Lilly Salad ! :)

To the left is a Day lily salad I recently made . It was delicious ! 3 greens - lettuce, kale and beet greens , daylily petals ( rinsed ) and balsamic vinaigrette. Be careful not to use too many day lilies or your stomach will be upset but , a few was scrumptious !

To the right is a vegan pinto bean open quesadilla . Its an alvarado street bakery sprouted tortilla toasted after folding and breaking into 4 pieces . It has diaya chedder shreds melted on it ( a delicious vegan cheese when melted ) and my pinto bean creation - Cooked pinto beans a vegan pasta sauce chili powder , fried onions, and jalapenos also a little pepper .

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


What is it / some other names ? 
2nd Summer Sabbat , Grain harvest , First harvest

Harvest stamps ( check youtube channel for video . I intend to do some on video this season ! )
 Start Early wrapping paper making using harvest stamps ( for yule or any occasion )
Sand picture art
Make a zen garden or a Magical Sand Garden 
Upcycled game making
Make a Protection poppet 
Metal work
Carpentry and wood working , and carving
Grapevine Pentacles
Straw, or cornhusk crafts such as dolls and wreaths, and pentacles

Activities :
Talent shows
Practicing an outdoor craft or skill
Fill a cornucopia
Cooking and Baking with grains
Go to the beach
Other competitions
Board games
Obstacle courses
Wild Crafting
Making Preserves
Dehydrating foods
De-clutter ( make room for the harvest


Rituals and Spells
Protection poppets
Peaceful warrior meditation and or ritual
Ditch, Harvest , Preserve ritual ( see Lammas video for details )
Harvest gratitude Ritual
Any spells or works for inner strength, physical health and vitality, Self-esteem , Protection , Defense , Well-being, Welcoming and receiving the harvest, banishing  , Ocean and other water spells and rituals

Any fruits or vegetables in season in your area

Dehydrate fruits and veggies  !

( some suggestions, kale, peaches, mango, plums, carrots, plantains, bananas, parsnips .. so many other possibilities ! )

Organic Blue corn bread ( Vegan and Gluten- free )
Preheat Oven to 375 F
 4 tbs. chia seeds and 4 x as much water
1 1/4 C. Blue cornmeal
1/2 C. Brown rice flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 C. xylitol or raw sugar
1 pinch fine ground sea salt
1 C. vegan milk ( I use organic soy )
1/2 C. coconut oil plus enough to grease pan ( softened )
Directions: 1. Make chia egg by combining chia seeds and water mixing and allowing to sit for 30 minutes 2. Add vegan milk and coconut oil to the chia mixture and combine. 3. Add dry ingredients and blend but be careful not to over mix you are just trying to combine them all evenly . 4. Pour into muffin tins that are greased or into a bread tin . 5. Bake at 375 degrees F. for 20-25 minutes until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean .

Vegan fried dough-
Use coconut oil or olive oil . vegetable oil is low grade gmo ridden ;)

Vegan doughnuts-

Harvest veggie soup with or without a grain of choice

Healthy preserves - dehydrated fruits and veggies , pickling , canning, jams, jellies etc.
Gmo free Corn on the cob if it's in season . There are lots of ways to spice it up . coconut oil ( not extra virgin though ! ) goes great ! Wrap it in foil and add red pepper or lime juice or garlic and herbs . Grill it !

Grain salads - 
Like Tabuli

My first Autumn quinoa salad of 2013

Raisins, onions, pecans, spices and delicious !!
Ingredients: 2c. white quinoa ,
small amount of ginger and cardamon
,2 tbs cinnamon ,
2 med. sweet white onions,
2 c. pecans ,
3/4 c. raisins

lemon thyme and parsley wheat berries

soft white wheat berries
lemon juice to taste
parsley and thyme to taste (fresh or dried )

The cooking instructions for different types of wheat berries are similar.
For stovetop cooking, bring 2 ½ cups (625 ml) of water to a boil for every 1 cup (250 ml) of raw wheat berries.  Before adding wheat berries to boiling water, place them in a colander and rinse under running water until the water runs clear.  Add wheat berries to boiling water, and stir until water returns to a boil.  Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until wheat berries are tender.  Remove from heat, drain off any excess water and fluff wheat berries with a fork.  1 cup of raw wheat berries will yield 2 ½ cups cooked wheat berries.
Wheat berries can also be added to soups and stews during cooking. Allow for at least 45 minutes of cooking time and add extra water since wheat berries absorb water and double in size once they're cooked.
Depending on the type of recipe you'll be adding wheat berries to, cooking time may vary slightly.  For instance, a salad tastes better with slightly al dente, or chewy wheat berries, while other dishes such as breakfast porridge may require wheat berries that are slightly softer and cooked longer.

note: I soak my wheat berries in the fridge overnight so, optional idea
 when wheat berries are done add other ingredients mixing as u go .

My recipe groups :Lots more grain recipes there!- 


My Lammas video 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Litha- Summer Solstice

Litha - Summer Solstice - Summer Harvest 
( See Beltaine Blog for a link to an edible flower list with a taste description . )

What is it?

It's the first day of Summer . It's the longest day(light) and shortest night ( darkness) of the year , It's the Summer Solstice.

Rituals and Spell Ideas:
- A healing ritual/ spell for Earth's waters

-Spells for increased health , vitality and energy

- Sand symbol spells or Sand bottle spells

-Garden magic

-Make a sun catcher

- Star magic / Celestial magic

-Nature Magic

- Dream magic

-  Sea rituals

- Love magic

- Empowerment spells and rituals

  • Do some responsible wild crafting / foraging 
  • Do some outdoor meditation and or lounging  
  • Watch the sunrise and or the sunset 
  •  Go camping -Get back into nature disconnect from technology  and some modern conveniences
  • Go to the beach 
Photos of me with mine below 

  • Do a moon garden or just plant some lunar or moon corresponding plants 1 Check out these articles :


  •  Star gazing 
  • Picnics
  • Preserving


Make sun prints 

Make garden decor - a sundial , bird bath , sculpture , seat etc.

Make a Summer wreath

Make herb filled mini pillows to aid in sleep , to enhance dreams , stop nightmares, or for physic or intuitive dreams 

Make a Zen garden or make a Sand garden

Tree houses

Fairy houses

Food :
  • Flower ice cubes - Some flowers are wonderful in ice cubes and beverages 
  • Chilled Jasmine tea 
  •  Grilled veggie burgers make your own or my favorites are Hilary's brand - All flavors and sunshine burgers particularly the falafal burger !
  • Grilled veggie kabobs
Just one way -  http://ohsheglows.com/2014/06/10/vegan-green-goddess-dressing-with-grilled-veggie-kabobs/
  • Grilled pineapple
  • Vegan Ambrosia
 Orgasmic Food ! yeah ! Dandies ( vegan marsh mellows the best marshmallows ever ! I swear ! ) pineapple, manderine oranges ( kept in cans with pear juice instead of corn syrup , dark cherries , green grapes, unsweetened coconut shreds, kiwi

  • Grain salads
    • Example 1 
    lemon thyme and parsley wheat berries

    soft white wheat berries
    lemon juice to taste
    parsley and thyme to taste (fresh or dried )

    The cooking instructions for different types of wheat berries are similar.
    For stove top cooking, bring 2 ½ cups (625 ml) of water to a boil for every 1 cup (250 ml) of raw wheat berries.  Before adding wheat berries to boiling water, place them in a colander and rinse under running water until the water runs clear.  Add wheat berries to boiling water, and stir until water returns to a boil.  Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until wheat berries are tender.  Remove from heat, drain off any excess water and fluff wheat berries with a fork.  1 cup of raw wheat berries will yield 2 ½ cups cooked wheat berries.
    Wheat berries can also be added to soups and stews during cooking. Allow for at least 45 minutes of cooking time and add extra water since wheat berries absorb water and double in size once they're cooked.
    Depending on the type of recipe you'll be adding wheat berries to, cooking time may vary slightly.  For instance, a salad tastes better with slightly al dente, or chewy wheat berries, while other dishes such as breakfast porridge may require wheat berries that are slightly softer and cooked longer.

    note: I soak my wheat berries in the fridge overnight so, optional idea
     when wheat berries are done add other ingredients mixing as u go .
Example 2 - Delicious Balsamic salad and rice pasta bowl
  • Salads with added flowers and vegan dressings ( organicville brand has vegan versions of all the transnationals I think ranch, creamy Italian and so on .. that taste truly identical at least the ranch did which is all I tried . Organicville also has vegan teryaki,  and bbq sauces , there are vegan horse radish sauces and vegan tarter sauce too and probably anything you can imagine the only thing I've yet to find a vegan version of is pop tarts .( 2015 - found them )
  • Trail mix

Mango trail mix 

Mango trail mix Recipe

Used desired amounts of each and mix in a large bowl

Just mango slices - dehydrated ( dried ) mangoes
Freeze dried cranberries
Organic date piece with oat flour
Raw whole cashews
Raw sunflower seeds

Apple Trail Mix

  • Some Vegan fish options :

Baked Shitake vegan shirmp recipe http://www.forkandbeans.com/2014/05/15/baked-shiitake-shrimp/

Tempeh vegan fish recipe http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-recipe/tempeh-fish-nchips-with-tartar-sauce/?utm_source=Green+Monster+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=27f40e53e3-NEWSLETTER_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_bbf62ddf34-27f40e53e3-102169273

Fish feels facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FishFeel.org

You may be able to find these at a local co- op, health food section of grocery store  or wholefoods store as well !
Already made vegan prawns http://www.veganstore.com/product/sophies-kitchen-vegan-prawns/cold-pack-required

A lot more already made vegan fish options - just scroll a tad starts at the 3rd I believe - http://www.veganstore.com/category/cold-pack-required

  • Chilled "Ginger Sweet Potato Carrot Carrot Soup"

    3 C. Sweet Potato chopped into 1 1/2 inch pieces 
    1 1/2 TBS. Organic ginger juice
     16 oz. Pure Carrot juice
     3/4 C. Shreded carrots
     3/4 Tsp. Fresh shreded ginger ( optional but, delightful ) 
    1 14oz. can light coconut milk 
    3/4 tsp. ginger juice 

    Directions :1.) In a medium size pot. Cook sweet potatoes in water and 1 1/2 TBS. Ginger juice until soft and mashable. Strain . 2.) Mash some but, not all to allow chunks in soap. Add carrot juice , coconut milk, carrots, fresh grted ginger and 3/4 tsp. ginger juice.  3.) Cook over medium low het until warm and carrot shreds are desired consistency . serve chilled 

  • Cucumber lemongrass soup ( chilled soup - great for Summer!)

    • Aprox. 2/3 C. plain so delicious brand coconut creamer
    • 1 large cucumber
    • enough soy milk to reach cucumber slices in blender
    • 1 oz. fresh lemongrass 
    • 1/3 c. fresh dill ( or to taste) 

    1. slice cucumber 
    2. put coconut creamer in bottom of blender along with a small amount of soymilk so you have about 2/3 c. of liquid in the bottom 
    3. cut lemongrass into 1 inch pieces . 
    4. add cucumber and lemongrass to blender
    5. pour in soymilk 
    6. using scissors cut dill into blender 
    7. blend until well blended and frothy
    Optional - ( additional pieces of cucumber would probably be delicious to as chunks in the soup )


  • Raw Peaches n Cream Pie - Simple ! Super Fast ! Wonderful Pie !

    " Raw Peaches n Cream Pie "note * So easy ! So Delicious!

    Ingredients :

    1.) 8 oz. Pecan pieces 2.) 16 oz. Frozen but de-thawed peaches 3.)1/2- 3/4 C. light coconut cream from can 4.) 8 Madjool Dates (remove pits  ) 5.) 2 Tbs. water 6.) 1 tsp. ( 1/2 & 1/2 ) vanilla extract


    Crust :1. Put 6 dates and pecans in a food processor . And process. - If not moldable (enough to mold it to the pie pan) add 1/2 Tbs. water and process again .2. Mold mixture to pie pan .

    Filling :Process Peaches , 2 dates , 1/2 tsp vanilla nd 1/2 C. - 3/4 C. Coconut cream ( save any solid white )until well blended & smooth.

    Top with ...  White solid of coconut cream that rises to top of can mixed with ( by hand ) 1/2 tsp. vanilla !


  • Above is the Crust

Other links  :

My youtube video for Summer Solstice -






Video Link - Trail mix - My youtube video


Monday, June 16, 2014

Pagan art journal video !


Mango trail mix Recipe written down ingredients

Mango trail mix Recipe

Used desired amounts of each and mix in a large bowl

Just mango slices - dehydrated ( dried ) mangoes
Freeze dried cranberries
Organic date piece with oat flour
Raw whole cashews
Raw sunflower seeds

 I got most of these ingredients at trader joes 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pagan vegan group on google invite !

Hi I created this group for pagan vegans , vegans curious about paganism and pagans curious in veganism . If you'd like to join I think we'd love to have you ! Hope to see you in there ! https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110421963126002447605

Friday, May 23, 2014

Short Announcement ! Please Read !

Do you hate it when you follow a blog and you get used to the flow of it , the person posts every day or about 2- 3 times a week so , you expect that and look forward to it and then one day they don't and you are  waiting for it , wondering and keep checking ? Well I do !
I have been posting just about every 3 days or four days for a little while now . I want to forewarn you the Spring weather is pleasant now and, I don't guarantee that regularity . I will still keep up with the blog and post often but, it may not be every three days .
Thank you for your followship !

Tuesday, May 20, 2014



My experience with mandalas started from an artist's corner. I found a book that gave me an introduction into it . This book taught me to make mandalas from intuition and creativity without contemplation and with few rules . They were not to be confined to circles . The rules were to start ( as a beginner ) with quick media - colored pencils , markers, pens etc. not to use paints . And to set aside 20 minutes of uninterrupted and undistracted time to do one and then go , without thinking . Afterwards, when one felt complete we could analyze it by using the information provided on general color, shape and texture subconscious relations in combination with the use of our own personal relationships to the colors,textures etc. as well. I love this book and this way of doing it and was really surprised with the accuracy, insight, and surprise found in my interpretations . I highly recommend the book and the method . It's titled " The Zen of Creative Painting " by Jeanne Carbonetti .  There are lots of ways to do mandalas though and perhaps that way isn't the way you want to do them  . Perhaps , it isn't the way for everyone.

With so many symbols and color cordences so, ingrained in many pagans lives and spiritual practice perhaps, some of you would be more interested in doing them with different intent and for different purposes such as , a money mandala or a Beltaine mandala , a fire mandala , or a Hecate mandala .

Mandalas have been done for such purposes as focusing attention,  spiritual teaching tools, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and to induce trance states  .
This is my Spring themed mandala .

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Interpreting Tarot Divination's by Story Writing !

Interpreting tarot divination's by story writing 

One technique I've found for interpreting personal tarot readings is to write a story from your spreads and what you know is going on in your life . I really like this and I've found it useful ! :) You can do this with many different spreads and just about any deck or combined decks if you choose to do a spread using more than one deck . This can be done with bridge spreads , past, present , future , life area spreads and more. I found this really helpful in getting inside myself and to my intuition and insights . Sometimes also, it can be used to brainstorm which I hope i demonstrate well enough in my example below .  Strictly as an example : If you did a past present future spread that looked like this -
 Past                       Present                    Future
fool                        Lovers                         Death                            
               You might end up writing something like this :
In my past I was often spontaneous and off the cuff in my behaviors , following my instincts or initial impulses and desires bravely but, without much contemplation of the future . I remember doing this for example when I .. blah blah , and blah blah and again when blah .
 Now, I realize I am becoming more aware of the larger picture of how I am interconnected with everyone else and the universe and I am thinking through my actions trying to weigh whether or not they are good for me in the long term and serve my higher purpose and how they will effect others . I have become more receptive to others .
I think this may lead to a transformation in the future , Perhaps, I am already transforming . Perhaps , I am in  a cocoon- like stage and the future holds something new and beautiful that is the result of what I am doing now . What do I need to let go of? What is only holding me back ? Because, I know that in order for the newness to have room that which is clutter and decaying in my life needs to be discarded and cleaned away .
Comments are appreciated .  :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Healing and love giving to Earth -Giving magic, spells, rites and rituals -

Healing and love giving to Earth -Giving magic, spells, rites and rituals -

Spells and rituals are often done because, we want or need something - a car- a home - love - self acceptance - physical healing and so on ... Which is cool and great and what not... . Spells and rituals however, can be done to offer healing to the earth , weather it be in general( all of earth ) , or earth's waters , or fish , or a specific area or specific type of animal like the woods  in your back yard, or frogs.

I think it's important to do this kind of thing !  I get caught up in my life and don't nearly as often as I'd like to though. When I do I feel a deepened sense of spirituality ., of growth , connection , relationship , I feel better for it! Of course, that is not my main intent. My main intent is of a giving nature - of healing or offering healing to  what / who I'm doing the spell for.

 Why is it harder for me to do these rites and spells even though they may very well give me more than the ones " I do only for myself -my personal life " or one might say the ones that are focused on my inner circle and don't extend as far out in the world ?

 This is a question that's been bothering me for sometime and that I am and will continue to be exploring in outdoor meditations and meditative activities .
 Does anyone else have this issue? Anyone else have an idea why I do ?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Make ahead Mother's Day brunch Anyone ? - Easy but, delicious stuff -

Make Ahead Brunch :

Tofu Scrambler 

Prep the veggies ahead of time :
Dice one sweet white onion 
Dice sweet or bell peppers and or jalapenos 
Chop or dice any other veggies you'd like in it .
You can pre- saute them . Allow to cool and then refrigerate .
At the time of cooking
Just cut up firm tofu , add tofu scrambler pack . Mix with tofu
fry ( med. - high heat ) , add diaya if desired . And add veggies to heat .( At time of cooking time estimate 10- 15 minutes )

Smoothies may only take a few minutes anyway but, if you want to you can make one ahead of time , refrigerate it and pull it out right before serving . I recommend you combine favorite fruits and berries with a vegan milk and banana and or mango to thicken .

Home fries 

again can be made a day in advance. weather baked or fried the smaller you cut the potatoes the less cooking time is required. A plant strong way to do this is to substitute vegan veggie broth in place of the oil. Great on their own ; delightful additions I've found include, onions, and peppers or, herbs - oregano, basil, pepper, rosemary , thyme, garlic , parsley , all good options or salsa , or nutritional yeast .

To add some color and "specialness" you can add sweet potatoes or yams to the mix .

Monday, May 5, 2014

Flower magic

Flower magic -

I haven't done this yet but, how cool I find this idea that came to me ! - Look for fallen flowers when shopping , in gardens , anywhere - the flowers that have fallen off the plant and use them in spell work . I'm anxious and excited to see what comes about now that I've had this epiphany . :)

 Flower magic can also , be done with love without removing flowers from plants - go to them .

I am not real strongly opposed to taking flowers from plants , moving them to an altar or wherever and doing magic but, I have read of people - Native Americans and others- tuning in and claiming to be given insight about weather a plant would rather stay attached or come with you and perhaps this ought to be implemented if one's do it that way !

 For me I feel liberated by my new ideas and don't wish yet to clip flowers at least, or especially from their stems and, again like I said I'm excited to see what arises from my new ideas!

 Part of the excitement is to see what type of fallen flowers I come across as, I believe this may lead me to discover rituals and spells I am not yet aware would be beneficial to do .

Comments? - not related to my grammar in this one  ?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Goddess - Liberty or Libertia

Goddess - Liberty or Libertia 

 When it occured to me seemingly unprovoked by the outside world , to look into Liberty Godesses I found this article . About a year ago I put a picture of the statue of Liberty on my altar to represent the Liberty Godess I knew to exisist but, didn't find any information or photos on . I live in the U.S.A. and I find it very odd I have not found or read about any Godess's or Gods of Liberty in any pagan books or blogs . Alas i found this article . Not that I mind" creating" a God or Goddess or diety  but, Liberty is so important and central , and in the U.S.A. it's in the constitution , it's something most of the people believe is central to their values though, it's not . They practice anti- Liberty rituals on average 3 times a day when they eat . But, it's one of those if you are going to lie, lie big and often and everyone will believe you, things . Why has Libertia been hidden from the pagan world ? Here's the article I found and choose to share with you all .

Sunday, April 27, 2014

list of Edible Flowers ( There's 42 listed ! )- Along with a description of their taste so, you can best decide how to use them :)

Enjoy vegan dishes and drinks with flowers !
Definitely a super way to be festive !!
May I recommend you keep in mind - ice cubes, salads, fruit salads , grain salads such as the ones below
vegan sauces and pectin jellies ?
Of course keep it vegan ! Don't add blood foods to the flowers ! Keep it clean , beautiful, and healthy !

I'm looking forward to exploring flower incorporation to foods and in my recipe creation this Spring and Summer ! and , will share recipes with you once I discover ones worth sharing !

Here's the link to the list ! - http://www.treehugger.com/green-food/42-flowers-you-can-eat.html

lemon Quinoa with almonds It's just what it says quinoa with almonds tossed in (after cooking ) and spritz with lemon juice to taste . It's delicious!

Simple wild rice and quinoa grain salad with lime  
Simply made wild rice according to package directions (don't use anything that says optional ) and made quinoa according to package ( no to optionals) ( Mine has just a hint of lime taste If you want it to have a distinct lime flavor you should prob either add 1 tbs of lime juice to the measuring cup than the water so it cooks in some lime juice as well or add two tbs at the end ) than add one tbs of (or two if you want )lime juice( 100% lime juice no sugar ) to the quinoa and mix in than add some almonds and mix together . It's good cold or warm .

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vegan Athletic Shoes ! Yes! Happy Spring ! And get Your Exercise on right ! A list Link enclosed !


Written in Spring's Rain Season 2014 - Poem - " In The Raindrops "

" In The Raindrops "                                                                                          - Written 4/ 15/14

In the raindrops there is wisdom
in each and collectively there is so much I lack a word for it .
In the raindrops ,
there is a voice ,
cool , clean, and true .
In the raindrops ,
there are stories of future comings ,
In the raindrops ,
there is wisdom, much
and in the
wise raindrops ,
I hear a feeling , I hear feelings ,
I see choice.
In the raindrops ,
I feel a song .
In these raindrops ,
there is a cleansing , hope, newness, and past ,
There is wisdom ,
In the raindrops
There are ideas ,
and, what is close to a promise ,
of future .

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Did you see my Earth Day video ? Check it out ! Link enclosed


Triple R Earth Day List

Triple R Earth Day List

A work in progress :

While blogging I became inspired to come up with three ways in which I can and will reduce , three ways I can and will reuse , and three things I can do to tweek and  improve my recycling . So, this list is born . I encourage you to consider this listing project for yourselves , follow through , and to share them here if you'd like . I'd love to see others!

I created this Earth day list for myself . and later realized it's a good thing to share . If you do more to take care of the planet we will all feel benefits . you individually will feel benefits , like an increased sense of self- esteem , in the same way keeping a clean home provides more self esteem then keeping a messy, cluttered, and or dirty one as an example . So happy Early Earth Day ! Please, take heed to care for Earth as best you can all year round and honor this holiday by evaluating your self and actions and looking into what steps you can take to conjure up new long lasting important improvements !

This is the exercise or project I created for myself and I suppose unknowingly for you as well .
It's called The Earth Day Triple R List . It uses Reduce , Reuse , and Recycle . I've decided to think of three things I can do or learn more about in each category in order to make positive improvements . Here's mine so far
 " Earthday Triple  R list . "
R educe - 1.) vehicle gas with improving weather , 2.) tea packaging- through buying loose leaf and making my own blends more  3.)electrical use
R euse- 1.) worn out clothes - as rags for cleaning 2.)
R ecycle - 1.)Crushing cans to prevent cats and other animals from geting injuried .2.) take batteries and other special recycling place stuff to appropriate location 3.) Write down information on special reycling items I don't yet know about

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Earth Candle Recipe - How to make Earth Candles

Earth Candle Recipe - How to make Earth Candles

Gather a bowl of dirt . If you have some leaves in it and they are small it won't ruin the candles as long as you recognize they may catch on fire and so are intelligent about how and where you burn them . The next step is to make a hole in the form you want the candle to be . Then take a wick and put it in the hole you'll probably want to bury it slightly in the dirt and cut the wick top down if it is far larger than appropriate for your candle size . Then you'll need to melt your wax. you can use candle stubs you've saved . I think that's an especially good thing to do with these candles as you are reusing and lessening waste you put on Gaia's shoulders and theses are afterall , great candles to use to preform Earth healing spells and rituals  . Even if you are using them for other purposes it's important to treat the earth with respect . If you want to make them and don't have "scrap" wax or don't want to use your scrap wax because, it's not clean burning wax , i recommend you use soy wax . Palm is being mass produced and animal habitats are being destroyed as are animals intentionally for it . Beeswax commercially is destroying the health of these pollinators by manipulating , controlling and perverting their wise rituals to benefit production , Many small scale bee keepers are also enslaving and hurting bees by doing things such as stealing honey , killing off bees before they use their honey storage supply , feeding them corn syrup and ripping off the queens wings . Paraffin burns dirty ( the smoke is not healthy for people, animals, or the planet ) . It's a petrochemical.
Once you've heated the wax , you pour it into the dirt , Allow to harden completely and then remove either by pulling it out from the wick or buy digging around the candle and lifting it out .

Enjoy !  Be kind!  Be cool ! Be Creative !

Trees !! Magnificent trees!!

What's your relationship to trees? As we all know on some level we are each involved in a very intimate relationship with trees. they "breathe " out oxygen . We breathe it in. We breathe out co2 and they breathe that in .

 I am a tree lover ! I hug them . I touch them . I kiss them . I sit under them . I take photographs with them . I listen to them and, I talk to them both mentally and occasionally out loud .
So, what's your relationship with trees? Do you keep your distance ? Appreciate them ? Not think much about them ? Use them and abuse them ? Consider them essentially inanimate ? Love them ? Have a solid friendship? what ?

 Trees are like animals - human and non human - and trees are not like animals - human and non human .
Trees are not inanimate . They are living . This is indisputable scientific fact . I believe trees have a spirit as, all animals - human and otherwise but, where we and animals differ from trees and other plants is trees do not have a nervous system thus, they don't" feel "pain as animals do . I don't believe trees "feel" pain at all but, I am certain they don't feel pain the way beings with a nervous system do . Because, animals are mobile a nervous system serves us to direct our actions . Fire hurts , don't allow yourself to burn . Move. It's cold , seek warmth . Because, trees and plants are immobile I believe Gaia in her infinite wisdom did not give trees and plants pain receptors that have no benefit. However, in talking to house plants and giving them love it's been shown they respond differently than when they are treated like inanimate objects even when still watered and given proper light and so forth . This and other things leads me to believe they have spirits but, not a nervous system ( pain ) .

 This is a hard concept to grasp immediately I think . A spirit or soul without the ability to feel pain because, we have been raised to relate spirits to the animal kingdom and some people to only people and not to separate it to plant life or if we do we tend to view plants in our image ( pain feeling , brain thinking..etc.  ) .

 One question people sometimes ask is . You are vegan , what about the plants ? I believe plants feel pain too . Sometimes, I think an individual is trying to have a real conversation about it and is actually asking " ok, you don't want to cause, harm but where do we draw the line plants are alive .." The answer, even if plants had a nervous system would still be veganism because, it takes far more plants to feed the livestock and then eat the livestock then to get nourishment directly from plants . So, you would and are killing more plants and animals than you are killing plants when you eat plants .

Konrad Lorenz, a renowned ethologist said " Anyone who can't see the difference between chopping up a dog and chopping up a lettuce should commit suicide for the benefit of society. "

 Now, like I said I think a good amount of that time people are actually asking a question of spiritual inquiry regarding the spirit of plants and confusion of spirit separate from pain feeling ability .

 So, what about the spirit of the trees and plants ? Isn't it immoral to eat them because of that ? Well, like I already said you eat less plants if you eat them directly . One does not have to destroy plants to eat well either if you so choose , most of the time we are actually eating parts of the plants that don't cause the plant to die ; fruits, seeds, nuts, beans, berries , leaves and so forth . Yes, we ( people) eat some roots as well but mostly what we eat doesn't kill plants.

  So, in regards to my personal feelings about it and they aren't concrete. It's just how I feel. It may someday change or not I don't know . I feel the spirits of  plants treated well and then eaten aren't bothered by it . They don't feel pain and I think the souls experience a transformation and alchemy when becoming us through eating not a death and destruction . I think they are more apt to respond poorly or have soul damage occur when we are mindless with them ( ripping them out of the ground , angerly cooking dinner and so forth ) . And, before someone gets silly no you can not apply the same principals to eating animals , try replacing animals or pigs, chickens etc. with humans to see if it holds up  because, animals feel pain , and emotions, and have brains, and sense things . They feel fear , joy, will, and their bodies with the very same equipment ( nerves , scent, vision, ears, brains, etc. ) you do .  Observe all life including the plants in your life and see what your intuition shows you !

Trees are like animals and people in another way too I've noticed . They are all in a sense individuals , unique in their characteristics and features and growths . No two trees are exactly the same . There are a wide variety of different types of trees and from there each tree itself is unique ! How beautiful and wonderful ! It is like a sort of abstract personality each tree has I feel  .

So, ode to trees !

Hoping you respect them , bond with them , enjoy them, and know the difference between them and beings with pain receptors !

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beltaine !!! May 1st ! - Updated


Themes:  Fertility, Love, Friendship, Romance, Nature, Reproduction, flowers , sexuality , mid spring day , trees, Playful / youthful male activity ( Think Pan )

About Honey-  Honey is killing the bees and this is devastating  for plants and all who eat them . Please read this great article -

You may want to also watch this video  :


Activities : 

  • Gardening 
  • Feed the birds . Find vegan bird suet here http://www.veganstore.com/product/596/vegan-dogs-and-cats  , or make your own vegan suet 
  • Planting flower baskets 
  • Camping 
  • The bouquet - The modern May Day basket 
  • Responsible wild crafting & foraging 
  • Forest rejuvenating prayer, spell or meditation 
  • Earth Candles !!

Earth candles recipe coming soon so, subscribe to the blog ! It's FREE! IT's now there ! Just go to the blog and put Earth candles in the search bar !
 I recommend you burn these on a stone altar indoors, in your yard , or another safe place . And if not on an all stone altar on an altar slab of flat stone such as slate .

  • Making a place for life - Make or buy and put out butterfly feeders, bird baths and houses , bee attractors  etc. 

  • BEE WATER - 
Bee water is easy to make , just get a bowl that is shallow enough fill with marbles or flat marbles and then water . You want it to be so that bees can land on the marbles and drink without being under water so, the water won't be deep and will require refilling often . Keep it clean too ! The bowl in my picture is hardly full of water . I just didn't have enough marbles at the time to do it that way .

Recipes : 

  • Flower ice cubes - Place flowers in ice cube trays with water and freeze then use in water , lemon water, iced tea etc. 

  • Flower salads - Add flowers to your salads 

  • Iced rosehip tea - Sweetened to taste with agave syrup 

  • Salad pitas - Salad with home made oil and vinegar dressing  . My favorite is with apple cider vinegar and  herbs( oregano, basil, parsley and nutritional yeast )  in a warm pita is one of my favorite meals ! 

  • Veggie couscous and quinoa - 1.) cook desired amount of quinoa using the basic directions(water and quinoa only ) 2.) cook desired amount of couscous with just water (I do a 1:1 ratio of couscous and quinoa 3.) I combine the two in a large bowl . 4. Add desired veggies , I like shredded carrots, sugar snap peas, and frozen organic corn . 5. Add black pepper to taste and a small amount of celtic sea salt

  • Cucumber lemongrass soup ( chilled soup - great for summer!)

Aprox. 2/3 C. plain so delicious brand coconut creamer
  • 1 large cucumber
  • enough organic soy milk to reach cucumber slices in blender
  • 1 oz. fresh lemongrass 
  • 1/3 c. fresh dill ( or to taste) 
  • Directions:
    1. slice cucumber 
    2. put coconut creamer in bottom of blender along with a small amount of soymilk so you have about 2/3 c. of liquid in the bottom 
    3. cut lemongrass into 1 inch pieces . 
    4. add cucumber and lemongrass to blender
    5. pour in soymilk 
    6. using scissors cut dill into blender 
    7. blend until well blended and frothy
    Optional - ( additional pieces of cucumber would probably be delicious to as chunks in the soup ) 

    Videos on Beltane : 

    Vegan make up and hygiene - https://youtu.be/thDdn6Bmuz8

    Vegan hygiene Men's stuff too ! - https://youtu.be/tcFzx65F3H8

    Saturday, April 12, 2014

    Cleaning in Corresponding to Earth Day - Great Outlooks and Inlooks Here !

    Cleaning in Corresponding to  Earth Day - Great Outlooks and Inlooks Here !

    Clearing the way ... Clearing the Clutter out of your life . Clearing for refreshment, cleaning to welcome in the new ...
    It's all great !
     Going through our stuff can be emotional . Even just going through the mess's. " Why didn't I know there were spider webs there? What does this say about me ? " Is time my enemy ? I clean that so often already. It's so needy . "
    However, you can strengthen your relationship to Gaia when considering weather keeping things that require steady supplies to be bought , resources to be used. ( ex. Coffee pot - filters , would instant be better?) Sometimes one decides to make choices that are both best for them and the planet . It is liberating , rewarding and , joyous when we discover what's best for us and Earth are the same !

     Gaia is in everything and everywhere . In her most original , natural,whole, and pure forms ( soil, trees, water , flowers, grass etc. ) she must be respected and loved for us to flourish .

    By donating , selling or trading old things you no longer want and need it reasons that you are contributing to the buyer choosing not to buy that thing made from new materials .

    Sharing is helpful ! When people in this country and others are isolated and even when they aren't sometimes there is an issue where we all go out and buy new things we need when we don't need them we throw them out and everyone who needed what we just threw out goes out and buys a new whatever we just threw out . This is ridiculous , pathetic, sad , and self destructive ! This contributes to more destroying of Earth's resources , and adds to landfills that in some cases are full of materials we don't know can break down EVER !

    The chemicals many people use to clean with are also mad ! They are tested on animals . They are toxic to humans , toxic to the environment so much in fact that you are not legally allowed to throw out their containers into your regular trash or to recycle them . You are supposed to take them to a poison control center ! These chemicals go down drains, into waters , onto the soil, and into the air we all share and that is Gaia's body ! So, here's some suggestions for non toxic products http://thevegantruth.blogspot.co.nz/search/label/Cleaning%20Products%20-Vegan  

    We can look into greener ways to replenish what we need and want too bring into our homes and lives .

     Remember that the less we have the less we must spend on maintaining what we have in many cases . Would rechargeable batteries be wise?  Are those plastic garden ornaments really what you want or would you like stone ones even better ? Can you afford to buy post consumer trash bags , sponges , organic cotton clothes instead of buying new dirtier fabrics , that won't let your skin breathe as well ?

    Tuesday, April 8, 2014

    Earth Day as a Sabbat !

    Earth Day 

    Earth Day to me can be compared to Christmas to Christians . I make it a whole theme and season of it's own . I have no idea when the Earth's Birthday is but, that doesn't mean Gaia doesn't deserve one ! I treat it like Earth's Birthday .

    Life lessons :
    Inter-connectedness, Oneness with Gaia ( Earth) , Caring for your large home - Earth , Unity with nature, preservation, renewal/ reusing , resources and their finite nature , the beauty, love , care Gaia gives us, giving for the greater good, how big a difference one person can truly make for the good or for the bad ., Reciprocation to Earth's love, care, and beauty , hands on spirituality ,respect and care for life , abolishing domination of nature , outreach to other humans .

    Activities And Crafts :

     - Calculate your carbon footprint -Sorry , I  couldn't find a reliable link for a free carbon foot print calculator. If someone has one please send it to me !

    - Make a list of ways to reduce it !
    Make a list of ways you can reduce your carbon foot print and to live more in a way that helps heal Gaia !

    - Upcycling :
    Found objects walks - Go for a walk and pick up " trash " ( found objects ) that you want to utilize and later give them a rebirth . Last year, I was making found object art for a craft bizarre so I picked up all kinds of things I made into picture frames .

    Other ideas are:
     Soda can wind chimes
    Objects to create a paper mache globe or a Gaia statue through upcycling/ partial upcycling - Collect blue and green or brown things , Use an earth friendly paper mache ( Water , flour, and old newspapers or magazines ) and vegan glue if needed glues not always needed .
    Tab wreaths
    Tab drink cozies
    Check out upcycle inspiration here -http://www.upcyclethat.com/

    -Start being Vegan -  " A conservative estimate is that the amount of land, grain, water, petroleum, and pollution required to feed one 1 of us the Standard American Diet ( also known as S.A.D. ) could feed 15 of us eating a plant- based diet ." - From The World Peace Diet - pg. 185 .

    •  Resources - stores- www.veganessentials.com , www.veganstore.com . You can find vegan glue for upcycling projects  here btw . I use weldbond it's great ! 

    - Responsible Wild crafting - Read about this some here . It's an article I found. And, research the specific things you'll be collecting and how to do so the right way ! http://herbgardens.about.com/od/preservingtheherbs/a/How-To-Harvest-Wild-Herbs.htm

    - Use alternatives to landfilling clutter - Around this time people tend to do Spring cleaning . Which is great ! But, Use alternatives to landfilling clutter AKA. Throwing things in your trash can . And use biodegradable vegan cleaning supplies . It's not that hard to find or make them, really ! Here's some links to help you out : -cleaning recipes- http://sabrinaswellnessbydesign.blogspot.com/2014/03/home-made-healthy-home-cleaners-very.html .http://www.officesupply.com/search?q=seventh%20generation, http://www.sunandearth.com/
    Yardsales, fleemarkets, consignment stores , online yardsales and other "stores" like craigslist, charity/ thrift stores, and some locations have facebook groups for trading things as well as for giving away things  . These are all potential alternatives to a lot of things that tend to wind up in landfills / dumpsters and trash cans  options . Do your best to avoid adding to a landfill more than is necessary .

    -Get involved - Find or create organizations and groups that are really helping Gaia . Look into them and don't be decieved . There's alot of liars and misguided people out there . But, things like community gardening ,and  clean up days are great options !

    - Outdoor meditations - Designed to connect with Earth - and do the right things by her

    -Pick up trash -Something I've really enjoyed in the past is getting dressed up to draw attention to myself . Wearing bold found object  Jewelry and so forth and going out with gloves and picking up trash for as long as I could or felt like ( Several hours) . I feel like this causes people to wonder why they aren't doing it themselves on the one day of the year designated Earth Day ! Main street , the woods, rural roads anywhere there's trash and you feel like going is great terrain for this !

    -Altar and Rituals :

    You can do an altar for Earth day or a shrine to Gaia . Just because, it's not an official  Sabbat per-say doesn't restrict you in anyway and you can treat it like one. You can do your Sabbat altar up for it or whatever you feel like.

    - Statues or pictures of Gaia , the Earth , either hand made or not .( Especially awesome when they are upcycled creations)

    - Upcycled works ( found objects made into something new )

    - found objects ( just collected )

    - The list and carbon foot print score

    - Any information that you are using in taking steps to improve your care for Gaia such as - vegan literature - recycling center's policies , a community garden info packet , carbon foot print calculation score ,
    biodegradable cleaning supply/ hygiene supply list , affirmation, dedication,organic veganic permacuture info , carpool schedule etc.

    - Poem

    - Organic seeds

    I do have a couple environmental themed groups - I'll let you in if you'd like to join . Those links are : https://www.facebook.com/groups/ecogreensaver/

    Videos :
    A delicate Balance