Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog / me Intro

 My name is ToadstoolMushroomGazer because , I have an affinity, connection, love , and resonance for toadstools and mushrooms. I hate eating them . I love to look at and hangout with them !  At one point in my Pagan journey I found out Mushrooms are a correspondence of Pluto . My sun, Mercury and Venus signs are all in Scorpio and Pluto co- rules Scorpio . 

I am an eclectic Pagan/ I am vegan . I am about creating ritual , spells, and having Paganism serve me in the time and place I am in not in resurrecting and mimicking 100's of year old spells, rituals, customs to a T unless I find good meaning and purpose in doing so .

Eclectic means I pick and choose what resonates with me from any tradition and leave the rest also, that things do not have to come from a tradition at all I can create .

I am an Earth based practitioner not to exclude the stars , and other realms but, simply that living on Earth I care about the well being of Earth and think it extremely important to connect with nature in the form of trees and forest and dirt and entirety . I resonate strongly with Gaia - Both Goddess of Earth and Earth protector .  Kwan yin is another Goddess I resonate with , there are other deities but, it feels a bit to personal and I prefer them to be talked about through me when and if the time arises organically . 

I am into astrology. 
I am an artist . 
I live in New England in the United States .
I read tarot cards . 
I have another channel you my find out about if you stick around enough or the dice permit. It is about Wellness . 
I have 2 groups so far that I started on google. One is pagans one is vegan pagans . 
If you have questions about veganism or are looking for help to transition to live  vegan lifestyle don't be shy ! 
Other questions are welcome as well ! ]

I do like and wish to be interactive here . 

I call what many would call a book of shadows 2 other names but not book of shadows you will generally hear me call it - a pagan art journal . 
 This is because the term book of shadows doesn't resonate with me for what it is. Book of shadows reminds me of shadow work which isn't what I identify is being in there except perhaps scantly . 
Why you should subscribe, add me to circles and some of what you will find on my channel .

You should subscribe to my youtube channel if you are interested in and like my videos because, I put them out very irregularly so, whereas when people put out a video every Saturday you can go to their chnnel every Sunday and see what's new you can't really do that with my channel . Being subscribed will allow whatever is new to come to you as soon as it's released and you won't have to go to the trouble of constant checking . 
 You should add me to your circles because, I blog and release them in the same way and that is how you will find out about new blog posts in your feed /stream . 

Some things on my channel are Sabbat videos, personal vlogs done inbetween Sabbats, Pagan art journaling , It is  pagan channel but it is also my personal channel - videos on my thoughts , discoveries , revelations and more. and coming soon monthly Tarot readings for the population . I am very excited about this though I may not start until The Astrological new year which is when the sun goes into Aries . I will be doing one for each sun month .I will explain more in an upcomming video .  There's more please, check it out .