Saturday, May 17, 2014

Interpreting Tarot Divination's by Story Writing !

Interpreting tarot divination's by story writing 

One technique I've found for interpreting personal tarot readings is to write a story from your spreads and what you know is going on in your life . I really like this and I've found it useful ! :) You can do this with many different spreads and just about any deck or combined decks if you choose to do a spread using more than one deck . This can be done with bridge spreads , past, present , future , life area spreads and more. I found this really helpful in getting inside myself and to my intuition and insights . Sometimes also, it can be used to brainstorm which I hope i demonstrate well enough in my example below .  Strictly as an example : If you did a past present future spread that looked like this -
 Past                       Present                    Future
fool                        Lovers                         Death                            
               You might end up writing something like this :
In my past I was often spontaneous and off the cuff in my behaviors , following my instincts or initial impulses and desires bravely but, without much contemplation of the future . I remember doing this for example when I .. blah blah , and blah blah and again when blah .
 Now, I realize I am becoming more aware of the larger picture of how I am interconnected with everyone else and the universe and I am thinking through my actions trying to weigh whether or not they are good for me in the long term and serve my higher purpose and how they will effect others . I have become more receptive to others .
I think this may lead to a transformation in the future , Perhaps, I am already transforming . Perhaps , I am in  a cocoon- like stage and the future holds something new and beautiful that is the result of what I am doing now . What do I need to let go of? What is only holding me back ? Because, I know that in order for the newness to have room that which is clutter and decaying in my life needs to be discarded and cleaned away .
Comments are appreciated .  :)

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