Monday, May 5, 2014

Flower magic

Flower magic -

I haven't done this yet but, how cool I find this idea that came to me ! - Look for fallen flowers when shopping , in gardens , anywhere - the flowers that have fallen off the plant and use them in spell work . I'm anxious and excited to see what comes about now that I've had this epiphany . :)

 Flower magic can also , be done with love without removing flowers from plants - go to them .

I am not real strongly opposed to taking flowers from plants , moving them to an altar or wherever and doing magic but, I have read of people - Native Americans and others- tuning in and claiming to be given insight about weather a plant would rather stay attached or come with you and perhaps this ought to be implemented if one's do it that way !

 For me I feel liberated by my new ideas and don't wish yet to clip flowers at least, or especially from their stems and, again like I said I'm excited to see what arises from my new ideas!

 Part of the excitement is to see what type of fallen flowers I come across as, I believe this may lead me to discover rituals and spells I am not yet aware would be beneficial to do .

Comments? - not related to my grammar in this one  ?

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