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Beltaine !!! May 1st ! - Updated


Themes:  Fertility, Love, Friendship, Romance, Nature, Reproduction, flowers , sexuality , mid spring day , trees, Playful / youthful male activity ( Think Pan )

About Honey-  Honey is killing the bees and this is devastating  for plants and all who eat them . Please read this great article -

You may want to also watch this video  :

Activities : 

  • Gardening 
  • Feed the birds . Find vegan bird suet here  , or make your own vegan suet 
  • Planting flower baskets 
  • Camping 
  • The bouquet - The modern May Day basket 
  • Responsible wild crafting & foraging 
  • Forest rejuvenating prayer, spell or meditation 
  • Earth Candles !!

Earth candles recipe coming soon so, subscribe to the blog ! It's FREE! IT's now there ! Just go to the blog and put Earth candles in the search bar !
 I recommend you burn these on a stone altar indoors, in your yard , or another safe place . And if not on an all stone altar on an altar slab of flat stone such as slate .

  • Making a place for life - Make or buy and put out butterfly feeders, bird baths and houses , bee attractors  etc. 

  • BEE WATER - 
Bee water is easy to make , just get a bowl that is shallow enough fill with marbles or flat marbles and then water . You want it to be so that bees can land on the marbles and drink without being under water so, the water won't be deep and will require refilling often . Keep it clean too ! The bowl in my picture is hardly full of water . I just didn't have enough marbles at the time to do it that way .

Recipes : 

  • Flower ice cubes - Place flowers in ice cube trays with water and freeze then use in water , lemon water, iced tea etc. 

  • Flower salads - Add flowers to your salads 

  • Iced rosehip tea - Sweetened to taste with agave syrup 

  • Salad pitas - Salad with home made oil and vinegar dressing  . My favorite is with apple cider vinegar and  herbs( oregano, basil, parsley and nutritional yeast )  in a warm pita is one of my favorite meals ! 

  • Veggie couscous and quinoa - 1.) cook desired amount of quinoa using the basic directions(water and quinoa only ) 2.) cook desired amount of couscous with just water (I do a 1:1 ratio of couscous and quinoa 3.) I combine the two in a large bowl . 4. Add desired veggies , I like shredded carrots, sugar snap peas, and frozen organic corn . 5. Add black pepper to taste and a small amount of celtic sea salt

  • Cucumber lemongrass soup ( chilled soup - great for summer!)

Aprox. 2/3 C. plain so delicious brand coconut creamer
  • 1 large cucumber
  • enough organic soy milk to reach cucumber slices in blender
  • 1 oz. fresh lemongrass 
  • 1/3 c. fresh dill ( or to taste) 
  • Directions:
    1. slice cucumber 
    2. put coconut creamer in bottom of blender along with a small amount of soymilk so you have about 2/3 c. of liquid in the bottom 
    3. cut lemongrass into 1 inch pieces . 
    4. add cucumber and lemongrass to blender
    5. pour in soymilk 
    6. using scissors cut dill into blender 
    7. blend until well blended and frothy
    Optional - ( additional pieces of cucumber would probably be delicious to as chunks in the soup ) 

    Videos on Beltane : 

    Vegan make up and hygiene -

    Vegan hygiene Men's stuff too ! -

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