Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Are you a StarSeed?

 I found this interesting article I will share with you in a moment but along with sharing it I want to share with you my own personal take that I have gotten from the Akashic. I am a Starseed braid and I have cosmic soul DNA as well as Earth soul DNA or lineage  .Most beings on the planet are a braid at this time on Earth or at least have some soul DNA from other dimensions,planets, realms although there are some who don't such as the indigo children .
 My opinions on this article is that not every Starseed is going to have all of them be true . Even if you have a majority of them to be true of you it doesn't 100% mean you are a Starseed . The information is within you .It can be uncovered and you can find out in the Akashic records if you do not know.
 I don't particularly like them saying Starseeds aren't really humans I don't exactly find that accurate but while I could continue to critique the article and add my own information and insights on the matter I'd rather tell you why I'm posting it I am posting it because, I do agree it is a good list to help people uncover, remember, and understand if they are a Starseed. What are your thoughts, feelings, knowings ?


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Vegan popcorn Recipe(s)

Vegan popcorn is pretty simple! You can use other oils but I use coconut Oil ( make sure it's not extra virgin !)

-Non buttered or salted popping corn . ( I use bagged Newton's Brand has one)
-Coconut oil to preference/taste ( Optional )
-Vegan seasonings of choice I like ,

   >Sea salt
   >Sea salt nutritional yeast and ground black pepper
   >Dried herbs blend such as oregano, sea salt , black pepper, basil, parsley

Monday, January 23, 2017

Wrapping up Monkey Year and Entering Rooster Year

  It's been a long time since I've blogged much at all . I  never thought my blog would become one of those dormant ones . But, it has and to be honest , I don't really feel like or have much of a topic for this post . I don't however, feel like having it's dormancy continue on through these shifts so, here I am typing .
 This past year has been and still is until the 3rd of February been a Monkey year . The coming year is a Rooster year . I have done a video on a bit of what this means and won't try to delve into it here. I will just share that the past year has had it's severe downs and it's great ups for me and I have found myself quite busy with many different projects.
 Between my two websites and two youtube channels, my oracle reading business , my regular job, my life , my starting an etsy store, and working on the creation of an oracle and another book , blogging has made it's way to the back burner and had the heat turned off .
  We have recently had a New Year and shifts are occurring with the transition from Monkey Year to Rooster Year and I intend to write more this year . How much ? I do not know. With every ending and new beginning there comes an ability to reorganize and shift things thus, I attempt to now . But , monkey years by nature are somewhat disorganized and chaotic .
 I have thought of methods . To write once a week , to draw an oracle card and let that prompt me to begin and maybe I will take that up , maybe I'll go for fortnight . I don't know. I don't know what is a practical and realistic goal for myself. Surely balance and harmony in ones life and pursuits is key .
 Please tell me if you are so inclined what are you doing to bring closure to monkey year and bring in Rooster year ?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

About The Upcoming Art Journaling course

This is an 8 week, at your own pace art journaling course.
You will receive via email a series of video demonstrations and typed information
 This tutorial will be covering :

  • What is art journaling and the basics 
  • Why art journal - Purposes & Benefits
  • Various therapeutic forms of journaling you can incorporate 
  • Various practical & helpful ways of documenting and charting
  • Artistic and Written techniques for layouts, borders, sectioning & more
  • Using upcycled materials 
  • Various skills,prompts, & themes 
  • A list of inspiration for busting through creative blocks you may occur in your continued journey after the course 
This course is aimed at entry- intermediate level art journalers though, I don't wish to discourage anyone interested because advanced level art journalers may still enjoy the class & gain some inspiration, new designs, and techniques to use in their work .

Price is $60
Course Starts Nov. 5th 2016
Please sign up in advance . Limited space is available !

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Questions Tag

Winter tag

1. Favorite winter hobby – Can’t pick just one very much into crafts, art, writing and stuff like reading as well

2. Favorite winter sport- Air hockey to do – That’s winter right ? lol I want to be inside often in the winter so that’s when Im most likely to play it . ( ice skating , snowboarding to watch )

3.Do you like snow ? Sometimes yes . Sometimes no

4.Favorite hot drink? Again hard to pick one depends on the moment – Hot apple cider, chai tea / vegan chai latte , carob chai latte , homemade vegan hot chocolate , teas – I love tea

5.Favorite winter food? HaHa pick one yeah right ! Okay umm a few though homemade tofu pot pie , homemade bean burrittos , homemade baked vegan mac and cheese, Org. brown rice past covered in daiya and homemade pesto  

6.Cozy with a Book, music, or a movie ? Depends Im going to go with book or meditation cd though

7. Favorite seasonal movie or movie with snow in it ? I don’t know but I do like to see a good movie with snow in it in the winter time

8. Stay in as much as possible or like going outside ? Depends on the weather

9. Favorite winter accessory ? Scarfs . I have a scarf fetish ! J

10. Do you go to Craft bizarres , museums , library or other indoor place more than other seasons ? Maybe a little yes . 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gratitude Projects

This is a small, fast to make, and journal to write what you are grateful for in . It's simple too if you have the materials.
Gratitude Journal Making

Oh come on I made an outline for this one ;p
About Gratitude

Beautiful inspiritation
Cornucopia Ritual

I know! I know! .....What's missing is a painting .   Ah, well maybe next year . :)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Root Chakra - some keywords

This is in no way intended to be an all inclusive list . Herbs may affect you in ways based on your current health that will require you to do further investigation, see an herbalist, or a doctor . This is not intended to substitute medical advice . Some herbs or essential oils can be harmful to animals / pets and may be inappropriate to use in some ways for humans ( some are not topical etc. ) . Please, check the safety for any companion animals you have around you and yourself before using. 

* While some people have claimed animal products such as meat are required for them to ground many including myself disagree. There is a significant difference between grounding and lowering your vibration. Consuming  animal products lowers your vibration not grounds you .  

The Root Chakra

The root chakra points downward . It connects us to the Earth . It is no mistake it is called the root chakra. Stability is related to this chakra in all it's respects . Tribal ties , connections, and links are connected to the root chakra.

 Every human's childhood has resulted in damage to the root chakra. It is where we are currently at in human evolution. No one escapes it thus, we all require root chakra healing in our lives for it's health , our health.

 I do not feel this chakra should be overlooked .

Vibrational Corresponding List

 Tribal Healing
Matter - Relationship to matter . Material (items , possessions ) , consumption
Organic ( I think decaf is best for grounding because , of the absence of the jitters ;)  coffee
Earthy Herbal teas
Red, mahogany, brown and black
Tree Root meditation
Foot chakra exploration
Sole ( Of foot)  to earth contact
De-cluttering, cleaning of ones environments , Space Clearing, and feng shui

Trees  ( Can be used as teas , supplements, salves, massage oils, meditated with etc. ) such as white willow bark powder for headaches and pain, that may be occurring . White willow bark has long been used in this matter and is where asprin originated from .

A certain amount of mindful research and exploration is required for you to line up with the tools currently most suited to your journey everyone is different .

Natural environments

  • Additional scents and tastes :

Cloves - http://www.angelfire.com/magic2/everyday00/cloves.html
Earthy scents &
Wood scents such as Cedarwood, Pine, Frankensence, Myrrh,
Bergamont ( Although that's often said to be better for the Sacral chakra ) etc.

Many people also, find tubers and root vegetables such as potatoes, yams, and cassava ( what tapiocca is made of ) , Horseradish root and many more are helpful for them as well .

  • Stones and Crystals

All stones of Earth can be grounding . I think a stone or better yet two , one for each of your feet is especially great .

Fire opal - http://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/fire-opal
Lava AKA Pumice stone- ( Particularly the black lava rocks ) http://www.energy-healing-info.com/metaphysical-properties-of-stones.html
Jet http://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/jet
Black Onyx ( You get the idea there are lots articles on the metaphysical, magical, and healing properties of gemstones out there. )
Black Tourmaline