Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cleaning in Corresponding to Earth Day - Great Outlooks and Inlooks Here !

Cleaning in Corresponding to  Earth Day - Great Outlooks and Inlooks Here !

Clearing the way ... Clearing the Clutter out of your life . Clearing for refreshment, cleaning to welcome in the new ...
It's all great !
 Going through our stuff can be emotional . Even just going through the mess's. " Why didn't I know there were spider webs there? What does this say about me ? " Is time my enemy ? I clean that so often already. It's so needy . "
However, you can strengthen your relationship to Gaia when considering weather keeping things that require steady supplies to be bought , resources to be used. ( ex. Coffee pot - filters , would instant be better?) Sometimes one decides to make choices that are both best for them and the planet . It is liberating , rewarding and , joyous when we discover what's best for us and Earth are the same !

 Gaia is in everything and everywhere . In her most original , natural,whole, and pure forms ( soil, trees, water , flowers, grass etc. ) she must be respected and loved for us to flourish .

By donating , selling or trading old things you no longer want and need it reasons that you are contributing to the buyer choosing not to buy that thing made from new materials .

Sharing is helpful ! When people in this country and others are isolated and even when they aren't sometimes there is an issue where we all go out and buy new things we need when we don't need them we throw them out and everyone who needed what we just threw out goes out and buys a new whatever we just threw out . This is ridiculous , pathetic, sad , and self destructive ! This contributes to more destroying of Earth's resources , and adds to landfills that in some cases are full of materials we don't know can break down EVER !

The chemicals many people use to clean with are also mad ! They are tested on animals . They are toxic to humans , toxic to the environment so much in fact that you are not legally allowed to throw out their containers into your regular trash or to recycle them . You are supposed to take them to a poison control center ! These chemicals go down drains, into waters , onto the soil, and into the air we all share and that is Gaia's body ! So, here's some suggestions for non toxic products  

We can look into greener ways to replenish what we need and want too bring into our homes and lives .

 Remember that the less we have the less we must spend on maintaining what we have in many cases . Would rechargeable batteries be wise?  Are those plastic garden ornaments really what you want or would you like stone ones even better ? Can you afford to buy post consumer trash bags , sponges , organic cotton clothes instead of buying new dirtier fabrics , that won't let your skin breathe as well ?

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