Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Questions Tag

Winter tag

1. Favorite winter hobby – Can’t pick just one very much into crafts, art, writing and stuff like reading as well

2. Favorite winter sport- Air hockey to do – That’s winter right ? lol I want to be inside often in the winter so that’s when Im most likely to play it . ( ice skating , snowboarding to watch )

3.Do you like snow ? Sometimes yes . Sometimes no

4.Favorite hot drink? Again hard to pick one depends on the moment – Hot apple cider, chai tea / vegan chai latte , carob chai latte , homemade vegan hot chocolate , teas – I love tea

5.Favorite winter food? HaHa pick one yeah right ! Okay umm a few though homemade tofu pot pie , homemade bean burrittos , homemade baked vegan mac and cheese, Org. brown rice past covered in daiya and homemade pesto  

6.Cozy with a Book, music, or a movie ? Depends Im going to go with book or meditation cd though

7. Favorite seasonal movie or movie with snow in it ? I don’t know but I do like to see a good movie with snow in it in the winter time

8. Stay in as much as possible or like going outside ? Depends on the weather

9. Favorite winter accessory ? Scarfs . I have a scarf fetish ! J

10. Do you go to Craft bizarres , museums , library or other indoor place more than other seasons ? Maybe a little yes .