Monday, January 23, 2017

Wrapping up Monkey Year and Entering Rooster Year

  It's been a long time since I've blogged much at all . I  never thought my blog would become one of those dormant ones . But, it has and to be honest , I don't really feel like or have much of a topic for this post . I don't however, feel like having it's dormancy continue on through these shifts so, here I am typing .
 This past year has been and still is until the 3rd of February been a Monkey year . The coming year is a Rooster year . I have done a video on a bit of what this means and won't try to delve into it here. I will just share that the past year has had it's severe downs and it's great ups for me and I have found myself quite busy with many different projects.
 Between my two websites and two youtube channels, my oracle reading business , my regular job, my life , my starting an etsy store, and working on the creation of an oracle and another book , blogging has made it's way to the back burner and had the heat turned off .
  We have recently had a New Year and shifts are occurring with the transition from Monkey Year to Rooster Year and I intend to write more this year . How much ? I do not know. With every ending and new beginning there comes an ability to reorganize and shift things thus, I attempt to now . But , monkey years by nature are somewhat disorganized and chaotic .
 I have thought of methods . To write once a week , to draw an oracle card and let that prompt me to begin and maybe I will take that up , maybe I'll go for fortnight . I don't know. I don't know what is a practical and realistic goal for myself. Surely balance and harmony in ones life and pursuits is key .
 Please tell me if you are so inclined what are you doing to bring closure to monkey year and bring in Rooster year ?