Monday, February 24, 2014

Home Made Healthy Vegan Hygiene Recipes ( Easily made into spells too if you think about it ;) )

  • BODY , FACE, AND FOOT SCRUB - fine sea salt of choice (Celtic,Himalayan  etc.)1 drop essential oil compatible with your skin type per 3/4 C salt ,coconut oil about 2 parts, salt 1 part  you can refrigerate it ,add Vermont organic's lemongrass soap or pure vegetable glycerin if you desire , a few drops extra plant oils if you want/need for skin type such as apricot oil 

  • BATH SACHETS - herbs, tea bags ,or coffee filters ( non dyed or bleached ) string or iron  . Stuff sachets tie or iron and use in bath

  • BATH AND FOOT SOAKING SALTS -Epsom salt , a few drops of essential oil compatible with skin and or dried crushed herbs or flowers of choice such as rose petals and rosemary.( Peppermint's great for feet !) Optional 1/4 tsp baking soda per 1 C. salt 

  • COCONUT CONDITIONER - coconut oil 3 parts , vermont organic soap or vegetable glycerin( optional ) a few drops ,water  1 part 

  • MOISTURIZER -100% cocoa butter , shea butter or , coconut oil , or a combo of them 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mindless Magic and Intuition

Mindless magic and intuition

Mindless magic can be a dangerous thing . I know from experience. I am not talking about so called dark magic that is nonsensical and obviously well... it's not worthy of this post's space.

Keeping things shallow

I'm talking about preforming spells on a shallow level. Now I know we don't want to think of ourselves as shallow  but in the busy high paced modern world it's easy especially for beginners to do this . I'm talking about not thinking through your intention and not connecting with it and the higher purpose reasons for the spell . And I'm talking about following other's spells without putting an ample amount of your personal energy into it and adapting it to make it your spell .
For example, if you are going to do a spell for a car because, you don't have one and you want /need one . You can A. decide what type make / model &  color car you want and do a spell or B. Decide that perhaps but, also  ask yourself why do you want the car ? To have freedom to get around and go further without a struggle or relying on others for a ride could be your answer . So then in your visualizing doing it
 Way A. you just imagine the car. Doing it...
Way B. You imagine this as well as yourself driving it ,  where you are going , how quick and easy it was to get there and the good feelings you feel such as perhaps independence , confidence and happiness at arriving where you want to go or driving around safely .

Getting What You " Want "

 Way A. is inferior to Way B . because , you may get exactly what you did the spell for, for example, a red Subaru but , soon find it has a lot of mechanical problems and you aren't able to get what you REALLY wanted from it , wind up loosing your license , not be able to afford gas to get as far as you want to go etc. The universe has a funny way of giving you what you manifest but if you are lazy about it you may only manifest the shell of what you want and not the more important central things . If you do a spell for the car but , neglect to imagine yourself driving it you may wind up with a match box car .


 So , this can be dangerous I said , yes . Mistakes can happen for example, if you do a spell for attention and aren't really specific you may wind up with negative attention , too much attention or, your personal business going viral but, attention nonetheless.

Copy paste spells

Taking people's spells and not putting your personal energy into them produces no outcome,a negative outcome,or a weird outcome . I think it's perfectly fine to get ideas from others and to "do other's spells " but you have to make them your own when you do for a desired outcome . For example, if you find a spell involving drawing a symbol into snow . You could certainly do that but you don't want to do exactly what someone else has done. You'd want to do your own visualizing . So, if it were for friendship , You'd imagine what friendship means to you and what qualities you want these friends to have . Also, adding or subtracting to a spell is helpful. Perhaps, you want to do that part of a spell you found but , add in dipping a rose quartz stone in the snow that you'll carry with you , Skip using the spell creators words or, change them into your own- more specific to your life . etc.


  Intuition is immensely valuable and useful . I see it suppressed and ignored in our culture a lot and it's sad. Meditation combined with , patience, observation and, time is a way to get in touch with it more . Sometimes we feel moved to do something only to realize it wasn't the right move though we were sure of it at the time . Sometimes this can fool people into believing it is their intuition telling them to do it . Checking yourself with meditation , patience, time , another spell designed to do so , and/or divination is often useful . But, for times when you feel like you have an intuitive instruction to" move now" with something, patience and time don't really fit inline with it, huh ? I find that doing intuitive prep work - meditating and practicing observation , and other techniques on a regular basis in advance improve my intuition and my ability to distinguish intuition from what ever that is that disguises itself as intuition .

The deep

I think it is in general good advice to think , meditate , plan through a spell before you preform it . You can get depths to the spell that if done on a whim you miss out on , you may truely just want to be free to go to work and home without the ickyness of the bus, end up with a neighbor who takes you to work and a co worker who drops you off saving you a lot of $ , and hassle if you realize what you really want . You may really want the car but , end up with a matchbox car because , you didn't take the time to direct energy to a car that you could get inside of and drive . Things like time , moon phase, props, added visualizing , and true desire come about when you honor yourself and the universe with a pre-spell listening and note taking phase . As,well as an increased awareness of tools that you'd be better off without .
 Thanks for reading .

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Carpet powder recipe can be made as a spell

Carpet powder recipe :
Baking soda ( amount depending on amount of carpet or size of batch you wish to make )
herb(s) ( If you have pets MAKE SURE IT OR THEY ARE NOT TOXIC TO ANIMALS !) ideas ,rose hips or petals, lavender , sage . Again amount varies on size of batch you are making and  your preference
Tool to grind them up fine (optional but, desirable )
Directions :
1.)Finely  grind up herb(s) of choice . 2.) Mix baking soda and herb(s) in a container bowls work if you are using the whole batch at one time .
 To Use :
 1.) sprinkle the carpet powder over your carpet 2.) Allow to sit about 20 minutes 3.) And then vacuum up .