Monday, March 23, 2015

"April Wind Vignette "

"April Wind Vignette "

                           Originally written by Sabrina Hull on April 18th, 2012

Whispers softly within the wind.
Twirls gracefully ,
dances youthfully,
spirals wisely,
whispers softly within the wind

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ostara tree - Outdoor tree for the animals

Please do not do this before animals in your area come out of hibernation !!! 

See my youtube video Ostara for more information on making an Ostara tree for the animals ! Below are recipes and suggestions for ornaments and offerings for such a tree .
My youtube channel is Toadstool Mushroomgazer .

This is where you can buy vegan suet !

This is how you can make vegan suet !

Pine cone bird feeder -

Pine cones-

Trail mix bowls or hollowed coconut halves for birds and squirrels fill with homemade trail mix    or

Soft things - Scraps of soft things and your hair trimmings even make wonderful additions to bird nests so, they are likely to collect some offerings of the sort you leave out for them ! Please use care though and don't offer toxic things !

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day ! Oh, It's magically Delicious !

Happy St. Patrick's Day ! Oh, It's magically Delicious !

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all !

Let's start here I'm not advocating you drink but, if you are going to .... please, make sure your drink is vegan . Check here to see if the liquor is

Dancing is great exercise and good for the spirit, emotions and mind ! So, I will advocate the river dance ! lol 

Cabbage Lentil Soup ! 
A Fav of Mine !

1. boil 3 cups of water in a large pot 2. add 2 c. black lentils 3. reduce to simmer and cover 4. Cut up carrots (I used 7 ) into desired size 5. Add carrots to pot and recover

6. Cut 2 onions to desired size  Add to pot and recover 7. Add one container vegan vegetable broth ( I like Trader Joe's brand )  and stir and recover 8. Turn heat up to medium low and cook until carrots are slightly tender ( depends on size of carrots ) about 20 minutes stir every once and awhile while cooking.9. Chop desired amount of cabbage into desired size 10. Add more water to pot or a second container of vegetable broth if needed ( sorry no measurements here use your judgement . 16. Reduce to simmer 17. Add cabbage  and cook about 5 minutes (or until it tastes right to you ). 

Potatoes and Greens !
Also, Deliciously Nutritious !

1.) Cut up desired amount of potatoes into home fry size chunks (I used 5 large russets total ) 2.) lightly oil a casserole pan 3.) place potato chunks in dish 4.) bake at 375 degrees until about 15 minutes from done (until fork goes through but there's a little resistance ) approx 25 minutes

5.) Add greens . ( I bought a 16 oz bag mixture of baby chard, baby spinach and baby kale and dumped the whole bag on ) You could of course use different amounts and or fresh

6.) Bake for the remaining 15 minutes or so , until a fork slides easily through potatoes . 7.) add apple cider vinegar and sea salt .
I used 3/4 tsp. of apple Cider Vinegar and a pinch of sea salt per shallow bowls worth 

This is a copy paste from my other blog check that one out if you are interested in health and wellness !