Sunday, April 20, 2014

Earth Candle Recipe - How to make Earth Candles

Earth Candle Recipe - How to make Earth Candles

Gather a bowl of dirt . If you have some leaves in it and they are small it won't ruin the candles as long as you recognize they may catch on fire and so are intelligent about how and where you burn them . The next step is to make a hole in the form you want the candle to be . Then take a wick and put it in the hole you'll probably want to bury it slightly in the dirt and cut the wick top down if it is far larger than appropriate for your candle size . Then you'll need to melt your wax. you can use candle stubs you've saved . I think that's an especially good thing to do with these candles as you are reusing and lessening waste you put on Gaia's shoulders and theses are afterall , great candles to use to preform Earth healing spells and rituals  . Even if you are using them for other purposes it's important to treat the earth with respect . If you want to make them and don't have "scrap" wax or don't want to use your scrap wax because, it's not clean burning wax , i recommend you use soy wax . Palm is being mass produced and animal habitats are being destroyed as are animals intentionally for it . Beeswax commercially is destroying the health of these pollinators by manipulating , controlling and perverting their wise rituals to benefit production , Many small scale bee keepers are also enslaving and hurting bees by doing things such as stealing honey , killing off bees before they use their honey storage supply , feeding them corn syrup and ripping off the queens wings . Paraffin burns dirty ( the smoke is not healthy for people, animals, or the planet ) . It's a petrochemical.
Once you've heated the wax , you pour it into the dirt , Allow to harden completely and then remove either by pulling it out from the wick or buy digging around the candle and lifting it out .

Enjoy !  Be kind!  Be cool ! Be Creative !

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