Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Healing and love giving to Earth -Giving magic, spells, rites and rituals -

Healing and love giving to Earth -Giving magic, spells, rites and rituals -

Spells and rituals are often done because, we want or need something - a car- a home - love - self acceptance - physical healing and so on ... Which is cool and great and what not... . Spells and rituals however, can be done to offer healing to the earth , weather it be in general( all of earth ) , or earth's waters , or fish , or a specific area or specific type of animal like the woods  in your back yard, or frogs.

I think it's important to do this kind of thing !  I get caught up in my life and don't nearly as often as I'd like to though. When I do I feel a deepened sense of spirituality ., of growth , connection , relationship , I feel better for it! Of course, that is not my main intent. My main intent is of a giving nature - of healing or offering healing to  what / who I'm doing the spell for.

 Why is it harder for me to do these rites and spells even though they may very well give me more than the ones " I do only for myself -my personal life " or one might say the ones that are focused on my inner circle and don't extend as far out in the world ?

 This is a question that's been bothering me for sometime and that I am and will continue to be exploring in outdoor meditations and meditative activities .
 Does anyone else have this issue? Anyone else have an idea why I do ?

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