Sunday, April 27, 2014

list of Edible Flowers ( There's 42 listed ! )- Along with a description of their taste so, you can best decide how to use them :)

Enjoy vegan dishes and drinks with flowers !
Definitely a super way to be festive !!
May I recommend you keep in mind - ice cubes, salads, fruit salads , grain salads such as the ones below
vegan sauces and pectin jellies ?
Of course keep it vegan ! Don't add blood foods to the flowers ! Keep it clean , beautiful, and healthy !

I'm looking forward to exploring flower incorporation to foods and in my recipe creation this Spring and Summer ! and , will share recipes with you once I discover ones worth sharing !

Here's the link to the list ! -

lemon Quinoa with almonds It's just what it says quinoa with almonds tossed in (after cooking ) and spritz with lemon juice to taste . It's delicious!

Simple wild rice and quinoa grain salad with lime  
Simply made wild rice according to package directions (don't use anything that says optional ) and made quinoa according to package ( no to optionals) ( Mine has just a hint of lime taste If you want it to have a distinct lime flavor you should prob either add 1 tbs of lime juice to the measuring cup than the water so it cooks in some lime juice as well or add two tbs at the end ) than add one tbs of (or two if you want )lime juice( 100% lime juice no sugar ) to the quinoa and mix in than add some almonds and mix together . It's good cold or warm .

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vegan Athletic Shoes ! Yes! Happy Spring ! And get Your Exercise on right ! A list Link enclosed !

Written in Spring's Rain Season 2014 - Poem - " In The Raindrops "

" In The Raindrops "                                                                                          - Written 4/ 15/14

In the raindrops there is wisdom
in each and collectively there is so much I lack a word for it .
In the raindrops ,
there is a voice ,
cool , clean, and true .
In the raindrops ,
there are stories of future comings ,
In the raindrops ,
there is wisdom, much
and in the
wise raindrops ,
I hear a feeling , I hear feelings ,
I see choice.
In the raindrops ,
I feel a song .
In these raindrops ,
there is a cleansing , hope, newness, and past ,
There is wisdom ,
In the raindrops
There are ideas ,
and, what is close to a promise ,
of future .

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Did you see my Earth Day video ? Check it out ! Link enclosed

Triple R Earth Day List

Triple R Earth Day List

A work in progress :

While blogging I became inspired to come up with three ways in which I can and will reduce , three ways I can and will reuse , and three things I can do to tweek and  improve my recycling . So, this list is born . I encourage you to consider this listing project for yourselves , follow through , and to share them here if you'd like . I'd love to see others!

I created this Earth day list for myself . and later realized it's a good thing to share . If you do more to take care of the planet we will all feel benefits . you individually will feel benefits , like an increased sense of self- esteem , in the same way keeping a clean home provides more self esteem then keeping a messy, cluttered, and or dirty one as an example . So happy Early Earth Day ! Please, take heed to care for Earth as best you can all year round and honor this holiday by evaluating your self and actions and looking into what steps you can take to conjure up new long lasting important improvements !

This is the exercise or project I created for myself and I suppose unknowingly for you as well .
It's called The Earth Day Triple R List . It uses Reduce , Reuse , and Recycle . I've decided to think of three things I can do or learn more about in each category in order to make positive improvements . Here's mine so far
 " Earthday Triple  R list . "
R educe - 1.) vehicle gas with improving weather , 2.) tea packaging- through buying loose leaf and making my own blends more  3.)electrical use
R euse- 1.) worn out clothes - as rags for cleaning 2.)
R ecycle - 1.)Crushing cans to prevent cats and other animals from geting injuried .2.) take batteries and other special recycling place stuff to appropriate location 3.) Write down information on special reycling items I don't yet know about

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Earth Candle Recipe - How to make Earth Candles

Earth Candle Recipe - How to make Earth Candles

Gather a bowl of dirt . If you have some leaves in it and they are small it won't ruin the candles as long as you recognize they may catch on fire and so are intelligent about how and where you burn them . The next step is to make a hole in the form you want the candle to be . Then take a wick and put it in the hole you'll probably want to bury it slightly in the dirt and cut the wick top down if it is far larger than appropriate for your candle size . Then you'll need to melt your wax. you can use candle stubs you've saved . I think that's an especially good thing to do with these candles as you are reusing and lessening waste you put on Gaia's shoulders and theses are afterall , great candles to use to preform Earth healing spells and rituals  . Even if you are using them for other purposes it's important to treat the earth with respect . If you want to make them and don't have "scrap" wax or don't want to use your scrap wax because, it's not clean burning wax , i recommend you use soy wax . Palm is being mass produced and animal habitats are being destroyed as are animals intentionally for it . Beeswax commercially is destroying the health of these pollinators by manipulating , controlling and perverting their wise rituals to benefit production , Many small scale bee keepers are also enslaving and hurting bees by doing things such as stealing honey , killing off bees before they use their honey storage supply , feeding them corn syrup and ripping off the queens wings . Paraffin burns dirty ( the smoke is not healthy for people, animals, or the planet ) . It's a petrochemical.
Once you've heated the wax , you pour it into the dirt , Allow to harden completely and then remove either by pulling it out from the wick or buy digging around the candle and lifting it out .

Enjoy !  Be kind!  Be cool ! Be Creative !

Trees !! Magnificent trees!!

What's your relationship to trees? As we all know on some level we are each involved in a very intimate relationship with trees. they "breathe " out oxygen . We breathe it in. We breathe out co2 and they breathe that in .

 I am a tree lover ! I hug them . I touch them . I kiss them . I sit under them . I take photographs with them . I listen to them and, I talk to them both mentally and occasionally out loud .
So, what's your relationship with trees? Do you keep your distance ? Appreciate them ? Not think much about them ? Use them and abuse them ? Consider them essentially inanimate ? Love them ? Have a solid friendship? what ?

 Trees are like animals - human and non human - and trees are not like animals - human and non human .
Trees are not inanimate . They are living . This is indisputable scientific fact . I believe trees have a spirit as, all animals - human and otherwise but, where we and animals differ from trees and other plants is trees do not have a nervous system thus, they don't" feel "pain as animals do . I don't believe trees "feel" pain at all but, I am certain they don't feel pain the way beings with a nervous system do . Because, animals are mobile a nervous system serves us to direct our actions . Fire hurts , don't allow yourself to burn . Move. It's cold , seek warmth . Because, trees and plants are immobile I believe Gaia in her infinite wisdom did not give trees and plants pain receptors that have no benefit. However, in talking to house plants and giving them love it's been shown they respond differently than when they are treated like inanimate objects even when still watered and given proper light and so forth . This and other things leads me to believe they have spirits but, not a nervous system ( pain ) .

 This is a hard concept to grasp immediately I think . A spirit or soul without the ability to feel pain because, we have been raised to relate spirits to the animal kingdom and some people to only people and not to separate it to plant life or if we do we tend to view plants in our image ( pain feeling , brain thinking..etc.  ) .

 One question people sometimes ask is . You are vegan , what about the plants ? I believe plants feel pain too . Sometimes, I think an individual is trying to have a real conversation about it and is actually asking " ok, you don't want to cause, harm but where do we draw the line plants are alive .." The answer, even if plants had a nervous system would still be veganism because, it takes far more plants to feed the livestock and then eat the livestock then to get nourishment directly from plants . So, you would and are killing more plants and animals than you are killing plants when you eat plants .

Konrad Lorenz, a renowned ethologist said " Anyone who can't see the difference between chopping up a dog and chopping up a lettuce should commit suicide for the benefit of society. "

 Now, like I said I think a good amount of that time people are actually asking a question of spiritual inquiry regarding the spirit of plants and confusion of spirit separate from pain feeling ability .

 So, what about the spirit of the trees and plants ? Isn't it immoral to eat them because of that ? Well, like I already said you eat less plants if you eat them directly . One does not have to destroy plants to eat well either if you so choose , most of the time we are actually eating parts of the plants that don't cause the plant to die ; fruits, seeds, nuts, beans, berries , leaves and so forth . Yes, we ( people) eat some roots as well but mostly what we eat doesn't kill plants.

  So, in regards to my personal feelings about it and they aren't concrete. It's just how I feel. It may someday change or not I don't know . I feel the spirits of  plants treated well and then eaten aren't bothered by it . They don't feel pain and I think the souls experience a transformation and alchemy when becoming us through eating not a death and destruction . I think they are more apt to respond poorly or have soul damage occur when we are mindless with them ( ripping them out of the ground , angerly cooking dinner and so forth ) . And, before someone gets silly no you can not apply the same principals to eating animals , try replacing animals or pigs, chickens etc. with humans to see if it holds up  because, animals feel pain , and emotions, and have brains, and sense things . They feel fear , joy, will, and their bodies with the very same equipment ( nerves , scent, vision, ears, brains, etc. ) you do .  Observe all life including the plants in your life and see what your intuition shows you !

Trees are like animals and people in another way too I've noticed . They are all in a sense individuals , unique in their characteristics and features and growths . No two trees are exactly the same . There are a wide variety of different types of trees and from there each tree itself is unique ! How beautiful and wonderful ! It is like a sort of abstract personality each tree has I feel  .

So, ode to trees !

Hoping you respect them , bond with them , enjoy them, and know the difference between them and beings with pain receptors !

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beltaine !!! May 1st ! - Updated


Themes:  Fertility, Love, Friendship, Romance, Nature, Reproduction, flowers , sexuality , mid spring day , trees, Playful / youthful male activity ( Think Pan )

About Honey-  Honey is killing the bees and this is devastating  for plants and all who eat them . Please read this great article -

You may want to also watch this video  :

Activities : 

  • Gardening 
  • Feed the birds . Find vegan bird suet here  , or make your own vegan suet 
  • Planting flower baskets 
  • Camping 
  • The bouquet - The modern May Day basket 
  • Responsible wild crafting & foraging 
  • Forest rejuvenating prayer, spell or meditation 
  • Earth Candles !!

Earth candles recipe coming soon so, subscribe to the blog ! It's FREE! IT's now there ! Just go to the blog and put Earth candles in the search bar !
 I recommend you burn these on a stone altar indoors, in your yard , or another safe place . And if not on an all stone altar on an altar slab of flat stone such as slate .

  • Making a place for life - Make or buy and put out butterfly feeders, bird baths and houses , bee attractors  etc. 

  • BEE WATER - 
Bee water is easy to make , just get a bowl that is shallow enough fill with marbles or flat marbles and then water . You want it to be so that bees can land on the marbles and drink without being under water so, the water won't be deep and will require refilling often . Keep it clean too ! The bowl in my picture is hardly full of water . I just didn't have enough marbles at the time to do it that way .

Recipes : 

  • Flower ice cubes - Place flowers in ice cube trays with water and freeze then use in water , lemon water, iced tea etc. 

  • Flower salads - Add flowers to your salads 

  • Iced rosehip tea - Sweetened to taste with agave syrup 

  • Salad pitas - Salad with home made oil and vinegar dressing  . My favorite is with apple cider vinegar and  herbs( oregano, basil, parsley and nutritional yeast )  in a warm pita is one of my favorite meals ! 

  • Veggie couscous and quinoa - 1.) cook desired amount of quinoa using the basic directions(water and quinoa only ) 2.) cook desired amount of couscous with just water (I do a 1:1 ratio of couscous and quinoa 3.) I combine the two in a large bowl . 4. Add desired veggies , I like shredded carrots, sugar snap peas, and frozen organic corn . 5. Add black pepper to taste and a small amount of celtic sea salt

  • Cucumber lemongrass soup ( chilled soup - great for summer!)

Aprox. 2/3 C. plain so delicious brand coconut creamer
  • 1 large cucumber
  • enough organic soy milk to reach cucumber slices in blender
  • 1 oz. fresh lemongrass 
  • 1/3 c. fresh dill ( or to taste) 
  • Directions:
    1. slice cucumber 
    2. put coconut creamer in bottom of blender along with a small amount of soymilk so you have about 2/3 c. of liquid in the bottom 
    3. cut lemongrass into 1 inch pieces . 
    4. add cucumber and lemongrass to blender
    5. pour in soymilk 
    6. using scissors cut dill into blender 
    7. blend until well blended and frothy
    Optional - ( additional pieces of cucumber would probably be delicious to as chunks in the soup ) 

    Videos on Beltane : 

    Vegan make up and hygiene -

    Vegan hygiene Men's stuff too ! -

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    Cleaning in Corresponding to Earth Day - Great Outlooks and Inlooks Here !

    Cleaning in Corresponding to  Earth Day - Great Outlooks and Inlooks Here !

    Clearing the way ... Clearing the Clutter out of your life . Clearing for refreshment, cleaning to welcome in the new ...
    It's all great !
     Going through our stuff can be emotional . Even just going through the mess's. " Why didn't I know there were spider webs there? What does this say about me ? " Is time my enemy ? I clean that so often already. It's so needy . "
    However, you can strengthen your relationship to Gaia when considering weather keeping things that require steady supplies to be bought , resources to be used. ( ex. Coffee pot - filters , would instant be better?) Sometimes one decides to make choices that are both best for them and the planet . It is liberating , rewarding and , joyous when we discover what's best for us and Earth are the same !

     Gaia is in everything and everywhere . In her most original , natural,whole, and pure forms ( soil, trees, water , flowers, grass etc. ) she must be respected and loved for us to flourish .

    By donating , selling or trading old things you no longer want and need it reasons that you are contributing to the buyer choosing not to buy that thing made from new materials .

    Sharing is helpful ! When people in this country and others are isolated and even when they aren't sometimes there is an issue where we all go out and buy new things we need when we don't need them we throw them out and everyone who needed what we just threw out goes out and buys a new whatever we just threw out . This is ridiculous , pathetic, sad , and self destructive ! This contributes to more destroying of Earth's resources , and adds to landfills that in some cases are full of materials we don't know can break down EVER !

    The chemicals many people use to clean with are also mad ! They are tested on animals . They are toxic to humans , toxic to the environment so much in fact that you are not legally allowed to throw out their containers into your regular trash or to recycle them . You are supposed to take them to a poison control center ! These chemicals go down drains, into waters , onto the soil, and into the air we all share and that is Gaia's body ! So, here's some suggestions for non toxic products  

    We can look into greener ways to replenish what we need and want too bring into our homes and lives .

     Remember that the less we have the less we must spend on maintaining what we have in many cases . Would rechargeable batteries be wise?  Are those plastic garden ornaments really what you want or would you like stone ones even better ? Can you afford to buy post consumer trash bags , sponges , organic cotton clothes instead of buying new dirtier fabrics , that won't let your skin breathe as well ?

    Tuesday, April 8, 2014

    Earth Day as a Sabbat !

    Earth Day 

    Earth Day to me can be compared to Christmas to Christians . I make it a whole theme and season of it's own . I have no idea when the Earth's Birthday is but, that doesn't mean Gaia doesn't deserve one ! I treat it like Earth's Birthday .

    Life lessons :
    Inter-connectedness, Oneness with Gaia ( Earth) , Caring for your large home - Earth , Unity with nature, preservation, renewal/ reusing , resources and their finite nature , the beauty, love , care Gaia gives us, giving for the greater good, how big a difference one person can truly make for the good or for the bad ., Reciprocation to Earth's love, care, and beauty , hands on spirituality ,respect and care for life , abolishing domination of nature , outreach to other humans .

    Activities And Crafts :

     - Calculate your carbon footprint -Sorry , I  couldn't find a reliable link for a free carbon foot print calculator. If someone has one please send it to me !

    - Make a list of ways to reduce it !
    Make a list of ways you can reduce your carbon foot print and to live more in a way that helps heal Gaia !

    - Upcycling :
    Found objects walks - Go for a walk and pick up " trash " ( found objects ) that you want to utilize and later give them a rebirth . Last year, I was making found object art for a craft bizarre so I picked up all kinds of things I made into picture frames .

    Other ideas are:
     Soda can wind chimes
    Objects to create a paper mache globe or a Gaia statue through upcycling/ partial upcycling - Collect blue and green or brown things , Use an earth friendly paper mache ( Water , flour, and old newspapers or magazines ) and vegan glue if needed glues not always needed .
    Tab wreaths
    Tab drink cozies
    Check out upcycle inspiration here -

    -Start being Vegan -  " A conservative estimate is that the amount of land, grain, water, petroleum, and pollution required to feed one 1 of us the Standard American Diet ( also known as S.A.D. ) could feed 15 of us eating a plant- based diet ." - From The World Peace Diet - pg. 185 .

    •  Resources - stores- , . You can find vegan glue for upcycling projects  here btw . I use weldbond it's great ! 

    - Responsible Wild crafting - Read about this some here . It's an article I found. And, research the specific things you'll be collecting and how to do so the right way !

    - Use alternatives to landfilling clutter - Around this time people tend to do Spring cleaning . Which is great ! But, Use alternatives to landfilling clutter AKA. Throwing things in your trash can . And use biodegradable vegan cleaning supplies . It's not that hard to find or make them, really ! Here's some links to help you out : -cleaning recipes- .,
    Yardsales, fleemarkets, consignment stores , online yardsales and other "stores" like craigslist, charity/ thrift stores, and some locations have facebook groups for trading things as well as for giving away things  . These are all potential alternatives to a lot of things that tend to wind up in landfills / dumpsters and trash cans  options . Do your best to avoid adding to a landfill more than is necessary .

    -Get involved - Find or create organizations and groups that are really helping Gaia . Look into them and don't be decieved . There's alot of liars and misguided people out there . But, things like community gardening ,and  clean up days are great options !

    - Outdoor meditations - Designed to connect with Earth - and do the right things by her

    -Pick up trash -Something I've really enjoyed in the past is getting dressed up to draw attention to myself . Wearing bold found object  Jewelry and so forth and going out with gloves and picking up trash for as long as I could or felt like ( Several hours) . I feel like this causes people to wonder why they aren't doing it themselves on the one day of the year designated Earth Day ! Main street , the woods, rural roads anywhere there's trash and you feel like going is great terrain for this !

    -Altar and Rituals :

    You can do an altar for Earth day or a shrine to Gaia . Just because, it's not an official  Sabbat per-say doesn't restrict you in anyway and you can treat it like one. You can do your Sabbat altar up for it or whatever you feel like.

    - Statues or pictures of Gaia , the Earth , either hand made or not .( Especially awesome when they are upcycled creations)

    - Upcycled works ( found objects made into something new )

    - found objects ( just collected )

    - The list and carbon foot print score

    - Any information that you are using in taking steps to improve your care for Gaia such as - vegan literature - recycling center's policies , a community garden info packet , carbon foot print calculation score ,
    biodegradable cleaning supply/ hygiene supply list , affirmation, dedication,organic veganic permacuture info , carpool schedule etc.

    - Poem

    - Organic seeds

    I do have a couple environmental themed groups - I'll let you in if you'd like to join . Those links are :

    Videos :
    A delicate Balance

    Sunday, April 6, 2014


    Imbolc ,Imolg, Mid- Winter 

    Friendly Crafts  :
    ly craftsEnviromentally friendly vegan Candle making
    Enviromentally friendly vegan soap making
    Enviromentally friendly hygine product making -
    Enviromentally friendly cleaning supply making -
    Upcycled book making

    Life lessons :
    Importance of cleaning on all levels , hope, patience, creativity, gestation - the light in the dark that brings new creations , cleanliness, attention,observation,meditation, Respect and honor for the sacred feminine principal and beings , attuning and Listening to higher self -7th chakra realm in combination with third eye chakra

    Vegan corn chowder -

    Directions: 1.) Cut up 2 sweet white onions 2.) put in pan with a small amount of oil 3.) cook (stirring occasionally)until softened (medium heat )
    4.) Add 1/2-2/3 C. whole wheat flour(or healthy alternative flour ) and cook until browned
    5.) Cut desired amount of potatoes ( I used 5 medium/large russetts)
    6.)boil in 1, 32oz soy or other vegan milk container ) until almost done(fork goes through but there's a little resistance )
    7.) add 3 cans of corn (sometimes I go for 2 yellow one white  ) and add onion mixture once golden. 8) Add one container (oz size pending sorry delicious brand coconut creamer (original) 9.)mix 10.)Allow all to get warm and when potatoes are done(fork goes through effortlessly ..)'re done . pour in bowl and add salt (sea preferably ) and pepper to taste . Yum!

    Blueberry Cream Oatmeal -

    Notes: Good warm or chilled. I prefer chilled.
    Ingredients: 2 C. steel cut oats
     1 1/2 C. frozen blueberries 
    1- 8oz. container SO delicious (brand of coconut yogurt )
    blueberry flavored yogurt 2 1/2 tsp.
     Directions: 1.) Start preparing oatmeal cook at 5-6 heat instead 
    ( here's our standard recipe for oatmeal 1."the taste test method" - ( If you prefer use another basic recipe found elsewhere to create the oatmeal base consisting of just the steel cut oats and water )  Pour oats and water into med. saucepan and cover. Bring to a boil 2. When bubbling , stir and reduce heat to low . Stir often and add water so oatmeal appears wet until oats are no longer crunchy . 3.When desired consistancy is achieved, remove from heat )
     2.) Add 2/3 the blueberries 1/2 way through cook time mix in xylitol .
     3.) Add remainder of berries to allow just enough time for them to dethaw (approx 10-15 mins ). Mix 
    4.) When done and off burner mix in yogurt .

    Whipped potatoes and horseradish with seasoning

    * note -Requires electric mixer
    1.) Potatoes (5-6)med/lrg russet potatoes
    2.)horseradish (Not sauce ! Just pure root stored in vinegar) 2tsp-3tsp. /to taste
    3.)thyme to taste (I used approx. 3tsps.)
    4.)hemp seeds( Optional) 4tbs or to taste
    5.)celtic sea salt (Or another salt if you must lol ) a few pinches to taste
    6.) Pepper to taste
    7.)1/2 to 3/4 C. Soy or other unsweetened vegan milk
    1. Wash potatoes 2. and than cut into one inch cubes 3. Place in a pot of water and boil until very soft 4.) Drain any excess water 5.) Place potatoes in a large boil 6.) Add in about 1/3 of the vegan milk and horse radish 7.) with electric mixers mix together adding vegan milk as needed.8.) When smooth and well whipped add in remaining ingredients and 9.) whip briefly to incorporate everything .

    Cleaning supplies - -

    Hygiene Supplies -

    Turning in:
    Meditation -
    Guided meditations -
    Chakra aligning and work -
    Crystal magic , attuning and cleansing -
    Activities :
    Journaling and other introspective work

    Respect for Lactation , Mothers , the feminine  :    

    Other rituals and activities :
    Purification -
    Take a cleansing, purifying bath -
    Do a home cleaning -
    Do a spiritual, mental ,or  emotional cleansing -
    Write letters -
    Do divination -
    Ice Magic
    Snow magic
    Purification magic
    craft magic - making magical candles, soaps, bath salts , etc.
    Magic to heighten spiritual awareness, mindfulness, intuition

    Thursday, April 3, 2014

    Spring Cleaning as Sacred !

    Spring Cleaning as Sacred !
     Well, This year I've been hit with this force that has me writing a whole series on Spring cleaning. I'm baffled really. This is not the topic of a series I would assume to choose. Nonetheless, it calls out to me.
     Perhaps, I should be honored, this is Wood Horse year .
    I grudgingly, clean my roofed space. I feel, I no more than spin around and it's a dusty dirt storm again. I am challenged with the reality that the space is too small to hold our things and provide enough space for the amount of chi flow I desire.
     I have lived modestly in the past with few possessions and it was liberating , helpful, and not as bad as many think . Let's just say the cloud was fluffy white and had it's gold lining . But, since then I have accumulated more than I had before . While, I have a selection of different clothes that I feel is between humble and extravagant, I find that most my things are tools that I use to create the life I want and to give and share  . I have my art supplies, my craft supplies, my educational books, notebooks,  and so forth . I regularly pick out a few things to shed and get rid of them and have been doing so for a couple years. But, I am left with a conundrum with this project of Spring cleaning this year . The usefulness of my possessions and the dream of moving to a larger place this year leaves me unsure of what to do . Nonetheless, I'm trying ! I keep trying to prepare well for what's already here ( in calender terms anyway ) Spring .:)

     The more I think about spring cleaning and cleaning , the more I think about it's benefits and connections beyond the obvious physical realm. There's feng shui to consider. There's ritual and action. There's the obvious uplifted moods that come from a neat home with your personal touches .
     To a lot of people the terms cleaning and sacred don't belong together . And , it sounds absurd . Others will "get it" before they read this .
      From a feng shui point of view your worldly possessions are an extension of you . Your home , your car , they are so linked to you and your life that problems in specific areas can be linked to problems in specific areas of your body . Windows for instance = your perception , the ceiling your brain and head . So , with this in mind going through your things and getting rid of that which is no longer serving you equates to getting rid of excess in your body and life that is not serving you . If it's not serving you it is in the way of chi flow. This means it is in the way of new opportunities and good life giving energy. It inhibits the chi's ability to flow through your life and body .
     Cleaning ( dusting , vacuuming, washing grime out of bathrooms and so on ) = cleaning the grime and old accumulation of debris from your body and life .
     So, I see it is a very spiritual and very sacred act indeed ! It may be fun , enjoyable, a drag, boring, work, or refreshing . Or a combination but, it reaps great rewards and is perfect for Spring, when nature comes out of it's winter and sprouts forth life energy ( sun and warmth ) and lots of new greenery , and flowers ( growth ) .
     Having done our Spring cleaning we are more prepared to receive and experience the gifts of Spring and the abundance of chi available for our lives and bodies .