Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Earth Day as a Sabbat !

Earth Day 

Earth Day to me can be compared to Christmas to Christians . I make it a whole theme and season of it's own . I have no idea when the Earth's Birthday is but, that doesn't mean Gaia doesn't deserve one ! I treat it like Earth's Birthday .

Life lessons :
Inter-connectedness, Oneness with Gaia ( Earth) , Caring for your large home - Earth , Unity with nature, preservation, renewal/ reusing , resources and their finite nature , the beauty, love , care Gaia gives us, giving for the greater good, how big a difference one person can truly make for the good or for the bad ., Reciprocation to Earth's love, care, and beauty , hands on spirituality ,respect and care for life , abolishing domination of nature , outreach to other humans .

Activities And Crafts :

 - Calculate your carbon footprint -Sorry , I  couldn't find a reliable link for a free carbon foot print calculator. If someone has one please send it to me !

- Make a list of ways to reduce it !
Make a list of ways you can reduce your carbon foot print and to live more in a way that helps heal Gaia !

- Upcycling :
Found objects walks - Go for a walk and pick up " trash " ( found objects ) that you want to utilize and later give them a rebirth . Last year, I was making found object art for a craft bizarre so I picked up all kinds of things I made into picture frames .

Other ideas are:
 Soda can wind chimes
Objects to create a paper mache globe or a Gaia statue through upcycling/ partial upcycling - Collect blue and green or brown things , Use an earth friendly paper mache ( Water , flour, and old newspapers or magazines ) and vegan glue if needed glues not always needed .
Tab wreaths
Tab drink cozies
Check out upcycle inspiration here -http://www.upcyclethat.com/

-Start being Vegan -  " A conservative estimate is that the amount of land, grain, water, petroleum, and pollution required to feed one 1 of us the Standard American Diet ( also known as S.A.D. ) could feed 15 of us eating a plant- based diet ." - From The World Peace Diet - pg. 185 .

  •  Resources - stores- www.veganessentials.com , www.veganstore.com . You can find vegan glue for upcycling projects  here btw . I use weldbond it's great ! 

- Responsible Wild crafting - Read about this some here . It's an article I found. And, research the specific things you'll be collecting and how to do so the right way ! http://herbgardens.about.com/od/preservingtheherbs/a/How-To-Harvest-Wild-Herbs.htm

- Use alternatives to landfilling clutter - Around this time people tend to do Spring cleaning . Which is great ! But, Use alternatives to landfilling clutter AKA. Throwing things in your trash can . And use biodegradable vegan cleaning supplies . It's not that hard to find or make them, really ! Here's some links to help you out : -cleaning recipes- http://sabrinaswellnessbydesign.blogspot.com/2014/03/home-made-healthy-home-cleaners-very.html .http://www.officesupply.com/search?q=seventh%20generation, http://www.sunandearth.com/
Yardsales, fleemarkets, consignment stores , online yardsales and other "stores" like craigslist, charity/ thrift stores, and some locations have facebook groups for trading things as well as for giving away things  . These are all potential alternatives to a lot of things that tend to wind up in landfills / dumpsters and trash cans  options . Do your best to avoid adding to a landfill more than is necessary .

-Get involved - Find or create organizations and groups that are really helping Gaia . Look into them and don't be decieved . There's alot of liars and misguided people out there . But, things like community gardening ,and  clean up days are great options !

- Outdoor meditations - Designed to connect with Earth - and do the right things by her

-Pick up trash -Something I've really enjoyed in the past is getting dressed up to draw attention to myself . Wearing bold found object  Jewelry and so forth and going out with gloves and picking up trash for as long as I could or felt like ( Several hours) . I feel like this causes people to wonder why they aren't doing it themselves on the one day of the year designated Earth Day ! Main street , the woods, rural roads anywhere there's trash and you feel like going is great terrain for this !

-Altar and Rituals :

You can do an altar for Earth day or a shrine to Gaia . Just because, it's not an official  Sabbat per-say doesn't restrict you in anyway and you can treat it like one. You can do your Sabbat altar up for it or whatever you feel like.

- Statues or pictures of Gaia , the Earth , either hand made or not .( Especially awesome when they are upcycled creations)

- Upcycled works ( found objects made into something new )

- found objects ( just collected )

- The list and carbon foot print score

- Any information that you are using in taking steps to improve your care for Gaia such as - vegan literature - recycling center's policies , a community garden info packet , carbon foot print calculation score ,
biodegradable cleaning supply/ hygiene supply list , affirmation, dedication,organic veganic permacuture info , carpool schedule etc.

- Poem

- Organic seeds

I do have a couple environmental themed groups - I'll let you in if you'd like to join . Those links are : https://www.facebook.com/groups/ecogreensaver/

Videos :
A delicate Balance

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