Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gratitude Projects

This is a small, fast to make, and journal to write what you are grateful for in . It's simple too if you have the materials.
Gratitude Journal Making

Oh come on I made an outline for this one ;p
About Gratitude

Beautiful inspiritation
Cornucopia Ritual

I know! I know! .....What's missing is a painting .   Ah, well maybe next year . :)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Root Chakra - some keywords

This is in no way intended to be an all inclusive list . Herbs may affect you in ways based on your current health that will require you to do further investigation, see an herbalist, or a doctor . This is not intended to substitute medical advice . Some herbs or essential oils can be harmful to animals / pets and may be inappropriate to use in some ways for humans ( some are not topical etc. ) . Please, check the safety for any companion animals you have around you and yourself before using. 

* While some people have claimed animal products such as meat are required for them to ground many including myself disagree. There is a significant difference between grounding and lowering your vibration. Consuming  animal products lowers your vibration not grounds you .  

The Root Chakra

The root chakra points downward . It connects us to the Earth . It is no mistake it is called the root chakra. Stability is related to this chakra in all it's respects . Tribal ties , connections, and links are connected to the root chakra.

 Every human's childhood has resulted in damage to the root chakra. It is where we are currently at in human evolution. No one escapes it thus, we all require root chakra healing in our lives for it's health , our health.

 I do not feel this chakra should be overlooked .

Vibrational Corresponding List

 Tribal Healing
Matter - Relationship to matter . Material (items , possessions ) , consumption
Organic ( I think decaf is best for grounding because , of the absence of the jitters ;)  coffee
Earthy Herbal teas
Red, mahogany, brown and black
Tree Root meditation
Foot chakra exploration
Sole ( Of foot)  to earth contact
De-cluttering, cleaning of ones environments , Space Clearing, and feng shui

Trees  ( Can be used as teas , supplements, salves, massage oils, meditated with etc. ) such as white willow bark powder for headaches and pain, that may be occurring . White willow bark has long been used in this matter and is where asprin originated from .

A certain amount of mindful research and exploration is required for you to line up with the tools currently most suited to your journey everyone is different .

Natural environments

  • Additional scents and tastes :

Cloves -
Earthy scents &
Wood scents such as Cedarwood, Pine, Frankensence, Myrrh,
Bergamont ( Although that's often said to be better for the Sacral chakra ) etc.

Many people also, find tubers and root vegetables such as potatoes, yams, and cassava ( what tapiocca is made of ) , Horseradish root and many more are helpful for them as well .

  • Stones and Crystals

All stones of Earth can be grounding . I think a stone or better yet two , one for each of your feet is especially great .

Fire opal -
Lava AKA Pumice stone- ( Particularly the black lava rocks )
Black Onyx ( You get the idea there are lots articles on the metaphysical, magical, and healing properties of gemstones out there. )
Black Tourmaline

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Total Full Moon Eclipse in Aries Esbat - Personal Pieces of Mine Update for my fans

I consider the day before, day of, and day after both the New moon and the Full moon to be the Esbats . This is a sharing of 3 days .

I don't know where to start with blogging about this Esbat Eclipse . It has been intense and epic . Do you have anything to share about this Eclipse ? Share it in the comments .
  • My Raw Apple Pie Esbat Treat 

Yes, it was delicious . Raw crusts are fast , easy, healthy, and delicious ( They are also grain free ) I will put a link to an online recipe for one here  . I had almond meal on hand and so this crust I made was that , walnuts, dates and a tad of water . The Apples -When I was a kid my mom used to make me a snack of apples , sugar and cinnamon. Well, this filling is a healthy take on that with xylitol , cinnamon, and nutmeg to taste . ( raw agave instead of xylitol would make this a delicious fully raw pie ) .  You are looking at 5 medium apples in this pie . 

  • A Reminder To Balance Chi Flow                                                                                                

I found this piece of paper in a notebook of mine I was sorting through . It was in a rather random place and I remembered this beautiful grape frame that wasn't in use and ta-da I put them together and I have this . It feels like a gift from spirit . It is just special , beautiful , and affirming to me . It's sitting on my kitchen table .

  • Oracle & Tarot Cards

The card that came out for me on the day the eclipse was exact from the above deck . It was drawn as guidance for the day . Here's what it said Beaver - " Industry, Creativity,Flexibility. If beaver swims down the river toward you , it is asking you to look at the structures you have created in your life. Do they support and protect you? Or have they become a cage, limiting your ability to flow and be flexible ? Perhaps, you need to use your industriousness ,creativity,and capacity for teamwork to create new and better structures ; this can refer to your emotional as well as your physical environment. Remember that there is strength and protection in family and community bonds . 

This card I got is 6 of Swords - Ascendancy 
Here's what the booklet tells of for this : 
" Diving into the depths of the unconscious mind on a voyage of sublime discovery. New creative ideas bring new comprehension  Free your mind of restrictive ideas and repeated anxieties. /the future holds a change which contains great intellectual challenges. " ( Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea ) 

  • Altars                                                                                                                                              

An indoor Esbat Altar I did . That's the previous collage I made on the bottom , made for the Virgo Solar Eclipse and one of the tarot cards I drew on the day the eclipse was exact it is drawn for the day  I did a 4 card spread the day before but didn't snap a picture of that . 

My outdoor altar . It got timed that Josh rescued some farmer's Market leave behind flowers on one of his walks and brought them to me . I threw them on the altar and then realized what coolness was just created . Frog totem animal guide for me . They keep popping up in the form of statues ( Like the little one in the back ) and I saw 2 of them on my last Mt. Hike. 
  • Moon Collage                                                                                                                                 

My b/f surprised me and cut huge circles this time around . This was different and rather cool for the eclipse in Aries . And It seems we have a few Esbats worth of them for the future . Starting big Aries ! Yes, I've gave up on insisting my moon collages be all the way trimmed . Lol. Sometimes I just like them better this way . 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Orgasmic, Sweet, Healthy, Hydrating Drink - with aloe, yellow watermelon peach & coconut juice !

This is a delicious simple hydrating drink . I called it the orgasm I made in my blender. Yes, I found it that good . I hope you enjoy it if you make it ! 

Yellow watermelon chunks, coconut juice , peach get blended in a blender . Aloe gets added later. Be extremely careful cutting aloe . It is extremely slippery . I do not recommend this for amateur choppers ! Just leave it out if you can't find a pro or a proper knife for the task ,

This is a photo of an aloe leaf the way I cut it is to leaving the skin on slice it than chunk it all than start peeling . Again , put the knife down and wipe and wash as needed if it becomes the slightest bit slippery !
I love aloe it is hydrating and good for the skin and total body . 

Thursday, September 17, 2015



  • What is it - The Autumn Equinox, 2nd Harvest, 

  • Rituals & Spell Ideas-
-Gratitude Rituals
- Prosperity Spells
- Spells for balance, harmony , 
- Spells for health 
- Spells for love 
-Spells for Friendship 
- Spells for intuition and psychic guidance as well as spirit guide communications 

  • Activities-
-Go for a walk and look for signs of Autumn
- Do any Winter Prep such as cutting wood or buying snow shovels
- Do a balance meditation
- Do some tai chi or yoga to help improve your balance
- Take Stock of your harvest from this year or lifetime
- Cornucopia Ritual - free video here -
- Make preserves - dry herbs , dehydrate , can , pickle
- Do an Autumn cleaning - Donate your clutter
- Visiting graveyards and bring offerings of apples , flowers etc.
- Go Apple Picking ( or any fruits/ veggies in Harvest where you are )
- Shop farm stands and farmer's markets

  • Crafts- 
- Make an Autumn wreath
- Make a scarecrow
- Make Harvest stamps from veggie and fruit scraps - the half apple is well known but there's many more possibilities celery rose stamps and more 
- Carve a pumpkin or paint one or a gourd 
- Make a gourd rattle / magic shaker 
-Press leaves 
- Make a grapevine wreath or pentacle 
- Make a Gratitude journal - Free video here -

  • Food-
Apples. Pears , Plums, Pecans,hazelnut , root veggies , squash , root veggies, tubers , seasonal plants and mushrooms  
-Apple Trail Mix - Free Video 

- Harvest home fries - 

- Autumn fruit salad -

 Ingredients : Use the amount of each fruit you want to suit your preferences I've given estimates of how much I used 
1 1lb bag - Frozen ( though can be fresh I just can't find them ) dark cherries 
4- apples of choice ( I used gala ) 
3- peaches 
3- green pears ( sorry spacing what they are called - the most common ones ... ) 
4- purple plums 
one bag - dandies marshmallows ( Vegan marshmallows and the tastiest marshmallows I have ever had pre-vegan days included ! ) 
2 handfuls- unsweetened coconut shreds 

Directions: 1. Wash and cut fruit into chunks ( see photo for an idea of size ) . 2. Add them into a large bowl .3. Cut dandies in half ( optional but, I find it makes all the difference - You want to make sure to do this last as it makes your knife sticky - ripping is an alternative ) 4.add in 5. and add coconut shreds .6.  Mix I
- Apple Cinnamon couscous

-Stuffed Acorn Squash 

This one is couscous agave, walnuts and apples with cinnamon 

Harvest Pizza 

I followed the directions of the recipe posted as the first comment and below here . I used WHOLE wheat flour (healthy) ..

And eden organic spaghetti sauce (which is sugar free and vegan ) and for toppings I used daiya cheddar shreds,
chopped onions, cashew pieces, some pumpkin seeds from my pumpkin seed and kale recipe (reg pumpkin seeds will work ), garlic , and peels of carnival carrots (the colored ones) just used potato peeler

Plum Hearty Grain Salad 

1. I rinsed 4 plums 2. then diced them and set them aside 3. I made one cup of white quinoa(see package directions or google how to cook quinoa) but replaced the water with this vegan cashew carrot ginger soup from pacific. 4. I made one box of plain couscous . It calls for 2 cups water I used 1 cup water and one cup of the cashew carrot ginger soup 5. I mixed those three ingredients 6. I added about 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and mixed it 7.( Optional )tastes great without the extra protein but better with each step lol ....added a handful of walnuts ...and 2 tsp of ...hemp seeds then mixed .

Raw Peaches n Cream Pie
" Raw Peaches n Cream Pie "note * So easy ! So Delicious!

Ingredients :

1.) 8 oz. Pecan pieces2.) 16 oz. Frozen but de-thawed peaches3.)1/2- 3/4 C. light coconut cream from can4.) 8 Madjool Dates (remove pits )5.) 2 Tbs. water6.) 1 tsp. ( 1/2 & 1/2 ) vanilla extract


Crust :1. Put 6 dates and pecans in a food processor . And process. - If not moldable (enough to mold it to the pie pan) add 1/2 Tbs. water and process again .2. Mold mixture to pie pan .

Filling :Process Peaches , 2 dates , 1/2 tsp vanilla nd 1/2 C. - 3/4 C. Coconut cream ( save any solid white )until well blended & smooth.

Top with ...  White solid of coconut cream that rises to top of can mixed with ( by hand ) 1/2 tsp. vanilla !


Apple Pear Crumb
"Notes : It's glutton free and sugar free . Make sure fruit is good and ripe . Scoop don't cut . Try on its own , with rice whip or a homemade coconut whip ( its easy ) 
Ingredients :
1.) 3 pears of choice ( I used a green one and two brown lol )
2.)3-4 apples of choice (I used gala)
3.)1/2 tsp . pure vanilla extract 
4.)1 1/2 tsp cinnamon 
5.) 3/4 tsp cardamon
 6.) 3/4 tsp ginger
7.) 1/2 tsp. clove 
8.) enough  for an inch coverage in  cooking pot - soymilk
 9.) aprox. 1 1/2 C. almond meal 
10.) 2 c. rolled oats -not quick oats
 11.) 1/4 C. rice flour
12.) small handful raisins ( optional )
13.) small handful walnuts or pecans ( optional)
14.) 2-3 Tbs. coconut oil 
15.) 1 C. xylitol

 Directions:1. Peel and cut fruit in various sizes . 2. Bring to boil with soymilk 3. Reduce heat to simmer , stir ,cover, cook until soft ( desired amount )3.Take off heat 4. In a frying pan heat oil until it's liquid 5. Add 3/4 C. almond meal ,1 C. flour and, the 2 C oats , dust with cinnamon ( 1 tsp) then mix in pan . ( have heat at medium ) . 5. Allow POT contents to cool about 5 minutes .6. Add the rest of the almond meal and the ginger and remaining cinnamon  to the fruit and stir 7. Cook oats mixture about 5-7 minutes adding in remaining spices 8. Pour fruit mixture into a glass pie pan or caserole dish 9. Add oat mixture and mix in . 10.  Bake at 350  degrees for 10 -12 minutes . 

- Cherry Walnut French Toast 
Ingredients :
1 - 1/2 C . frozen sweet cherries
Ezekiel's food for life bread desired amount of slices 
1 tsp. per 2 pieces of bread real vinalla extract 
1/2tsp. almond extract per 2 pieces of toast (optional)
desired amount of Walnuts 
approx.1/2 .c per 2 pieces of bread soy ( or other vegan milk ) milk 
to taste - Agave syrup 
 coconut oil for pan 
For the french toast :
In a shallow bowl pour soymilk , and extracts mix together and submerge the bread in coating back and front then place in a warmed frying pan containing coconut oil .And cook till crispy on both sides .

For cherry sauce :
Put cherries in a small pot with agave syrup stir frequently and cook over low-medium heat until some forms into a sauce yet cherries are still there . 

Place french toast on plate . Top with cherry sauce and walnuts .

Whipped Horseradish Potatoes 
* note -Requires electric mixer 
1.) Potatoes (5-6)med/lrg russet potatoes
2.)horseradish (Not sauce ! Just pure root stored in vinegar) 2tsp-3tsp. /to taste
3.)thyme to taste (I used approx. 3tsps.)
4.)hemp seeds( Optional) 4tbs or to taste 
5.)celtic sea salt (Or another salt if you must lol ) a few pinches to taste 
6.) Pepper to taste 
7.)1/2 to 3/4 C. Soy or other unsweetened vegan milk 
1. Wash potatoes 2. and than cut into one inch cubes 3. Place in a pot of water and boil until very soft 4.) Drain any excess water 5.) Place potatoes in a large boil 6.) Add in about 1/3 of the vegan milk and horse radish 7.) with electric mixers mix together adding vegan milk as needed.8.) When smooth and well whipped add in remaining ingredients and 9.) whip briefly to incorporate everything . 
Hot Drinks - Carob org. soy chai latte , Hazelnut hot cocoa- Free video here -, Medicinal herbal teas 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Veggie Potato Pancakes ! Summer means colorful !!

Looking for something new and exciting to eat ? Check these out !
Veggie pancakes

- First I made mashed potatoes vegan of course, just potatoes and a little coconut oil ( vegan milk if desired ) then I added fried kale , onion , and a diced orange bell pepper . Allowed it to cool then made patties and set it in a heated frying pan ( with a small amount of coconut oil in it ) To cook until browned . ( a flip is required )

-These are delicious with frank's original red hot hot sauce , some diaya cheese melted ( a delicious vegan cheese when melted ) , I guess if you are one who eats ketchup on potatoes you might like that .

Friday, July 3, 2015

After-Thoughts for the Summer 2015 Elemental Tarot Readings ( On my Youtube Channel )

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 
The video -
  • Careful , Mindful thinking and communications are recommended not to be confused with obsessive and over analytical which is cautioned against . 
  • Allow your emotions to be externally expressed rather than suppressing or repressing them until a build up causes an explosion . 
  • Admit when you have been wrong 
  • Apologize and ask for forgiveness from those you've mistreated 
  • You are apt to be missing things because, of where you are focused mentally 
  • Unhandled financial matters, matters to do with property, health, possessions, and body image issues are causing unnecessary psychological suffering and poor communication issues with others  
  • Use your skills, talents, wisdom, and abilities to overcome the things that are stressing you out related to your body, money, property, home, and possessions. Come out of ruts and comfort zones as necessary to do this. 
  • Partake in activities that unite all of your sides and give you a feeling of inner harmony to make your life easier and more enjoyable .
  • To simplify your path and journey spiritually see last bullet point . 
  • Take your time as needed to do things right . It is an illusion that you don't have time to do things right. - Meditate and come from Source . 
Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces 
The video -
  • Warming healing energy is available 
  • Buying things that help you to relax and de-stress may be a good idea. Some suggestions - Epsome salts , meditation cds, a vacation , a massage, a dishwasher( things that allow you to have more time to relax in healthful ways ) or that make tasks simpler and less stressful 
  • Ask questions when curious 
  • For some reducing, minamalizing , and letting go of over buying and finding new ways to achieve will be helpful !  If clutter , buying , making money to buy things, cleaning so many objects , etc . is now stressful for you .
  • Connect and communicate with Source
  • More intuition less logical analysis particularly for those who have a busy mind 
  •    Keep mental health by balancing strong emotional energies through Spirituality , returning to nature , relaxation 
Earth Signs- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
The video-
  • Transformative energy is available and trying to reach you about being a co-creator and not a victim when it comes to change and transformation 
  • Appreciate the material things you have also, the money you have and the body and health that you do have 
  • Avoid  spreading yourself too thin with your actions - avoid taking on too many projects .
  • Time for transformation and change in emotional, intuitive , psychic , dream , thought, communication realms 
  • Stop keeping your feelings ( esp. "negative ") in and suppressing them . Learning to communicate them appropriately and timely to the appropriate people ( generally the ones involved )  is strongly urged 
  • Spiritual and emotional evolution to occur. This can include many things some examples are - New view of your dream world, fantasies, vision ( emotional desires) , emotions and their purpose 
  • The above mentioned transformations are apt to be challenging for many of you. It is like the birthing process ; your beliefs , fears, and mental state, and focus  have much to do with the amount of suffering you experience 
  • Open-mindedness, releasing of fears, healthy vulnerability is helpful 
  • What comes after is fresh, new, and full of vitality 
  • Help with emotional and mental transformations may be found in - meditation , listening and note taking when internal guidance/ intuition is received and then acting upon it , letting go of old patterns . 
  • Start to learn to listen and act on the intuition 
  • A big part of the change is allowing things to steam more from intuition and internal guidance. Your communications, behaviors, and actions ( what you do ) will start to come more from this place and your path will be more your own ( your spirit's ) than a combination largely involving other peoples desires . This will also bring greater abundance and joy in your physical world ( health, possessions, wealth improvements) 
  • Get rid of possessions and habits that are unhealthy and not in alignment with your heart/soul .
  • Let go and get rid of excesses 
Air Signs- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 
The video -
  • Handle the material , financial, physical shake-ups by relaxing , practicing meditation, allow internal / intuitive guidance - take notes and allow it to help you find the things that you need to do about the situations and shake-ups 
  • Keep an eye out for syncronicities
  • New ways of relating to money, your body ,and  possessions are apt to come- More spiritual ways for many 
  • Avoid using manipulation to get what you want 
  • Look at your actions , motivations, behaviors, and inspirations . Look at what is the best quality in them and where you may need to rinse off the crud and then do so . For example : Your drive to help others is of great quality but, you are invasive and insist others do things your way "for their own good" which is producing bad results . Keeping your desire and motivation to help others you may do your best to be less intrusive and give others your advice but be less insistent that they must take it . 
  • If you lose opportunities or are told you can no longer do something you have been doing . Be honest with yourself and others as applicable about any manipulation and underhandedness you are responsible for in relation and evaluate your total involvement. Look at what was good on your part such as your intent , your hard work , or any of a multitude of other possibilities as well as the things you are advised to work on in your actions, motivations, behaviors and drives . 
  • Joining groups where you can explore feelings, the dream world, intuition , the subconscious or perhaps just express your feelings is favored this Summer 
Behind the scenes of the Tarot Readings video

Sunday, June 28, 2015

What do you say to a guy you really like on the 5th date by sun sign . ( written by a wacky Scorpio Sun )

While there is some good advice in this post, it is a humor piece ! And I advice you to weigh your decisions to use any of these lines with your intuitive guidance system ! And Speak at your own risk !

Aries - Is it possible to get to date 5 with them ?

 Taurus - "No, Im not ready to go to bed with you . You are worth waiting for or a little longer for ( as feels appropriate ) "

Gemini - " I have been with 3 people since our last date ( or whatever number makes you sound promiscuous this depends on how long its been since date #4 ) and they were all better than you . Here's the check bye. "

Cancer- "I would like to meet your mother " - and if you haven't made sure they can cook vegan food or will eat it by now OmG ! Did you screw up !

Leo- Say whatever you need to to meet their friends and ex's , then investigate their temper , mood swings, and how they reacted when they felt crossed or have been angry . Drink lot's of water and use extreme caution !! Leo's are very fiery !

Virgo-"So, for our next date we should totally do coffee enemas or , would you prefer we did them before the date ?"

Libra- "I'm not ready to get married this year but, I really like you . Also, I've been wondering if there are any social justice issues we could help out with soon ? "

 Scorpio  -"I think it's important we spend this date being as light and fluffy in our conversation as possible for the sake of balance .Also, on our next date I'm bringing my friend who's a private detective and body guard to help me evaluate weather you are or aren't a pyscopath in disguise It's not that I don't trust you , I do .It's because, I am into some really strange sexual things and I'm not legally allowed to do them until I get my friends clearance you aren't ( a pyscopath)  in writing ." They ( the Scorpio )  will definitely ask you more questions about this sexual stuff . Hold strong that you won't yet tell them and revert to the first sentence . Good luck - If you are able to pull this date off follow through by bringing a friend to date 7 and do everything you can to make sure they aren't a psychopath or more intense or freaky than you want to be with  . Scorpio won't like being lied too so , don't , just don't go to date 6 until you are ready to have sex and about that legal thing well whatever you are into just when they ask let them know "Yes, it's the laws of your heart that you were referring too ! ( If they don't accept this or come around soon to accept it and not be bothered by it . They aren't Spiritually evolved enough for you to be with . They are a relationship hazard to themselves and you ! Trust me I'm a Scorpio ! ) And be sure to share with them the strangest thing you are into if they accept your explanation it was a heart law of yours ! They'll likely want you try something new you are apprehensive about but might enjoy as well, fyi.  
( Alot of work ? Not worth it ?If you have the right Scorpio it so definitely is ! ) No, this isn't always necessary with female Scorpios lol

Sagittarius-  " I'm of course polyamorous "

Capricorn- "Do you want to work with me?" or "Do you want to do business with me / collaborate with me " most appropriate . If answer is no just continue doing your best to enjoy fun activities with them !

Aquarius- " Yes, I usually do pick my nose before every meal actually " - While picking your nose and drawing shapes with what you're picking out of it on a napkin . Good distinctive shapes now !

Pisces- " I brought a life jacket, water goggles, and this trunk full of beach toys are you ready to get in ?' - This is always appropriate for the 5th date if not a little sooner !  If it's raining and cold or snowing just be referring to a bath tub instead of a lake or ocean .

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I met a squirrel today !

 (This actually happened a couple days ago )

I'm very sad to be writing this blog !
My dear friend died today, I met him while he was dying. I didn't know him long at all.It's so hard to talk about and it's harder not to talk about him . 
  Josh found him by the road .I was told he was there. He was lying there with blood coming out of his nose. It was like  he was coughing and gasping . He was choking and trying to breathe enough .
  We put him in a box and got him away from the road pollution. Vehicle after vehicle drove by . It was not clean air ! I brought him up a hill and to my porch . I didn't know what to do .
  Josh went next door to ask the neighbor if she'd take us to the animal hospital up the road . He came back saying no. I was searching briefly for an eye dropper to try to give him water  . Briefly because, I was sure we didn't have one anymore.
  I pet his back and told him how sorry I was that this was happening to him and happened . I visualized a healing symbol and projected an offering of healing energy through my hands . He died within a few minutes after that . 
  Now I wait for Josh to get up from a nap and to help me clean the porch . I have cried out loud for my dear friend. His feet so small and wonderful, his being, this wonderful creature. 
   I see myself in him and in all here . It is more obvious perhaps , to some that humans mirror other humans in our relationships and we can see ourselves in them . But, nonhuman animals also,  mirror us . It is not hidden - pulse, and nerves, and faces, extremities, mobility , families, desires, sensation, emotions , fears, communication, I could type a page or more on this note .
   I did not take a picture because, it felt in the moment better to be there and not go away to get a camera and snap it while he fought to live . He, I thought does not need to be a show, a piece, a thing to pass around and share on the internet in his dying moments . I didn't want to take anything ,I just wanted to help .
  ( I have received word that a part of me is deeply remorseful about this ) because, pictures speak louder than words and I want people to be careful driving for the sake of the squirrels and all sentient beings .
  I am very sad ! I am very sad for his death . I am very sad that in a world of billions of people I don't have anyone near me moved by this . I am sad that there isn't local healing for injured woodland creatures advertised as commonly as anything else , clothes stores, vets, physiologists, post offices , and so on .     

I fell in love with this sweet  and magnificent being so, quickly , naturally . Anyone with an open heart would have . 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

" Being open to the wind " ....poem

Air ,Gemini's giggle when I write about the sun here in this beautiful air sign ,
Like butterflies and moths ,
yet fickle ,
Yet all,
Being open to the wind the cool breeze on the hot day ,
on the warm day
Open to the air in all its colors and flavors ,
Open to what it has to say ,
And Ether too ,
and all you do
Open to hear it ,
Element speaks ,
all do ,
Happy Happy Litha season,
 Any season to you ,
Color me with your poetry and twirl in free -dome ,
The Sundial appears in rhythm and harmony to the birth of your creation ,
Stop the time and observe your day ,
Being open to the wind on a Spring day ,
The wind can take us away ,
and each cloud we appreciate ,
Create it your own way .
Solar exaltation we dance toward ,
Creating , it's ok.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Balsamic Salad with Brown Rice Pasta - Delicious Quick Summer Dish

Which ingredients are missing ?

Ratings : Pers. # 1 gave  8,  Pers .# 2 gave  9 ( On a 1- 10 scale where the higher the number the better the food ) 

Salad ingredients: 
I used ,
1/2 Large cucumber - Cut into slices 
Mini-Heirloom tomatoes
Carrot shreds 
Sunflower seeds ( though I forgot them . You won't see any in the photo 
Salad mix ( I used Olivia's Organics brand " Spring Mix with Herbs" 5 oz. ) It is a wonderful combination with this quick meal . 

Dressing : 
Balsamic vinaigrette  see the photos in the photo album section of the group ! 
I also added coconut oil ( NOT EXTRA VIRGIN) - 1/2 tsp. per bowl 
Sea Salt pepper to taste if desired. But, I don't think it needs it . 

Other ingredients: 
Care, a side of attention, and Organic Brown Rice Pasta see photos !

1. Cook brown rice pasta according to directions on package . Take off burner and allow to cool while you prepare the vegetables and seeds if using. You can add coconut oil at this stage if you'd like . 
2.Rinse and dry veggies and put them in a large bowl also, add sunflower seeds ( shelled ) into the bowl and combine ingredients into a salad with a fork or tool of choice .
3. Put cooled pasta in container and mix in dressing . Coconut oil if you held back .
4. Add desired amount of salad 
5. Combine again . Taste .
Add more Balsamic Vinaigrette to it .
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Monday, May 4, 2015

How to make a Magic Shaker

How to make a Magic Shaker 

You will need

  1. The cardboard tube of a paper towel or toilet paper roll depending on the size you want 
  2. Colored paper appropriate to your intent 
  3. Poster or acrylic paint in the color (s) appropriate for your intent 
  4. Rubber bands ( My fav) or duct tape or other tape that can withstand the shaking 
  5. Filler dependent upon your intent . - Dried foods such as lentils, beans, and seeds are a great place to start for checking correspondences . Below is a small list of some . herbs can also be added . I would avoid crystals because, they'll likely get ruined and I don't think they'd react well to this. But, perhaps, sand or pebbles wouldn't mind.. not sure you should ask them and wait for an answer before you try if that appeals to you . 

Step one : Decide what your intent is and select your materials
Step two : Paint the cardboard tube and allow it to dry
Step 3: Cut out colored paper to cover the ends of the tube and you will need to have some hangover probably too.
Step 4: Secure onto one end the paper either with rubber bands or tape .
Step 5: Fill the shaker from the other end ( Don't actually "fill" it as in full . Leave room so, it can make sounds when you shake it .
Step 6: Seal the other end as you did the first one .

Wah- lah  and tah-da . You've got your shaker !

Some Correspondences :

 Sunflower seeds - Friendship

 Rose petals - Love

 Black lentils - Protection:

 Rice , golden flax seed -Wealth

Pumpkin seeds - Healing, Divination

Sesame seeds - Money, sex

Sea Salt - Purification, Cleansing

Friday, April 24, 2015

Whipped potatoes with horseradish

Whipped potatoes with horseradish

* note -Requires electric mixer

1.) Potatoes (5-6)med/lrg russet potatoes'
2.) horseradish (Not sauce ! Just pure root stored in vinegar) 2tsp-3tsp. /to taste
3.) thyme to taste (I used approx. 3tsps.)
4.) hemp seeds( Optional) 4tbs or to taste 
5.) celtic sea salt (Or another salt if you must lol ) a few pinches to taste
 6.) pepper to taste
 7.) 1/2 to 3/4 C. Soy or other unsweetened vegan milk 

1. Wash potatoes
2. and than cut into one inch cubes
3. Place in a pot of water and boil until very soft
4.) Drain any excess water'
5.) Place potatoes in a large boil
6.) Add in about 1/3 of the vegan milk and horse radish
7.) with electric mixers mix together adding vegan milk as needed.
8.) When smooth and well whipped add in remaining ingredients and
9.) whip briefly to incorporate everything . 

Monday, March 23, 2015

"April Wind Vignette "

"April Wind Vignette "

                           Originally written by Sabrina Hull on April 18th, 2012

Whispers softly within the wind.
Twirls gracefully ,
dances youthfully,
spirals wisely,
whispers softly within the wind

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ostara tree - Outdoor tree for the animals

Please do not do this before animals in your area come out of hibernation !!! 

See my youtube video Ostara for more information on making an Ostara tree for the animals ! Below are recipes and suggestions for ornaments and offerings for such a tree .
My youtube channel is Toadstool Mushroomgazer .

This is where you can buy vegan suet !

This is how you can make vegan suet !

Pine cone bird feeder -

Pine cones-

Trail mix bowls or hollowed coconut halves for birds and squirrels fill with homemade trail mix    or

Soft things - Scraps of soft things and your hair trimmings even make wonderful additions to bird nests so, they are likely to collect some offerings of the sort you leave out for them ! Please use care though and don't offer toxic things !

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day ! Oh, It's magically Delicious !

Happy St. Patrick's Day ! Oh, It's magically Delicious !

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all !

Let's start here I'm not advocating you drink but, if you are going to .... please, make sure your drink is vegan . Check here to see if the liquor is

Dancing is great exercise and good for the spirit, emotions and mind ! So, I will advocate the river dance ! lol 

Cabbage Lentil Soup ! 
A Fav of Mine !

1. boil 3 cups of water in a large pot 2. add 2 c. black lentils 3. reduce to simmer and cover 4. Cut up carrots (I used 7 ) into desired size 5. Add carrots to pot and recover

6. Cut 2 onions to desired size  Add to pot and recover 7. Add one container vegan vegetable broth ( I like Trader Joe's brand )  and stir and recover 8. Turn heat up to medium low and cook until carrots are slightly tender ( depends on size of carrots ) about 20 minutes stir every once and awhile while cooking.9. Chop desired amount of cabbage into desired size 10. Add more water to pot or a second container of vegetable broth if needed ( sorry no measurements here use your judgement . 16. Reduce to simmer 17. Add cabbage  and cook about 5 minutes (or until it tastes right to you ). 

Potatoes and Greens !
Also, Deliciously Nutritious !

1.) Cut up desired amount of potatoes into home fry size chunks (I used 5 large russets total ) 2.) lightly oil a casserole pan 3.) place potato chunks in dish 4.) bake at 375 degrees until about 15 minutes from done (until fork goes through but there's a little resistance ) approx 25 minutes

5.) Add greens . ( I bought a 16 oz bag mixture of baby chard, baby spinach and baby kale and dumped the whole bag on ) You could of course use different amounts and or fresh

6.) Bake for the remaining 15 minutes or so , until a fork slides easily through potatoes . 7.) add apple cider vinegar and sea salt .
I used 3/4 tsp. of apple Cider Vinegar and a pinch of sea salt per shallow bowls worth 

This is a copy paste from my other blog check that one out if you are interested in health and wellness ! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog / me Intro

 My name is ToadstoolMushroomGazer because , I have an affinity, connection, love , and resonance for toadstools and mushrooms. I hate eating them . I love to look at and hangout with them !  At one point in my Pagan journey I found out Mushrooms are a correspondence of Pluto . My sun, Mercury and Venus signs are all in Scorpio and Pluto co- rules Scorpio . 

I am an eclectic Pagan/ I am vegan . I am about creating ritual , spells, and having Paganism serve me in the time and place I am in not in resurrecting and mimicking 100's of year old spells, rituals, customs to a T unless I find good meaning and purpose in doing so .

Eclectic means I pick and choose what resonates with me from any tradition and leave the rest also, that things do not have to come from a tradition at all I can create .

I am an Earth based practitioner not to exclude the stars , and other realms but, simply that living on Earth I care about the well being of Earth and think it extremely important to connect with nature in the form of trees and forest and dirt and entirety . I resonate strongly with Gaia - Both Goddess of Earth and Earth protector .  Kwan yin is another Goddess I resonate with , there are other deities but, it feels a bit to personal and I prefer them to be talked about through me when and if the time arises organically . 

I am into astrology. 
I am an artist . 
I live in New England in the United States .
I read tarot cards . 
I have another channel you my find out about if you stick around enough or the dice permit. It is about Wellness . 
I have 2 groups so far that I started on google. One is pagans one is vegan pagans . 
If you have questions about veganism or are looking for help to transition to live  vegan lifestyle don't be shy ! 
Other questions are welcome as well ! ]

I do like and wish to be interactive here . 

I call what many would call a book of shadows 2 other names but not book of shadows you will generally hear me call it - a pagan art journal . 
 This is because the term book of shadows doesn't resonate with me for what it is. Book of shadows reminds me of shadow work which isn't what I identify is being in there except perhaps scantly . 
Why you should subscribe, add me to circles and some of what you will find on my channel .

You should subscribe to my youtube channel if you are interested in and like my videos because, I put them out very irregularly so, whereas when people put out a video every Saturday you can go to their chnnel every Sunday and see what's new you can't really do that with my channel . Being subscribed will allow whatever is new to come to you as soon as it's released and you won't have to go to the trouble of constant checking . 
 You should add me to your circles because, I blog and release them in the same way and that is how you will find out about new blog posts in your feed /stream . 

Some things on my channel are Sabbat videos, personal vlogs done inbetween Sabbats, Pagan art journaling , It is  pagan channel but it is also my personal channel - videos on my thoughts , discoveries , revelations and more. and coming soon monthly Tarot readings for the population . I am very excited about this though I may not start until The Astrological new year which is when the sun goes into Aries . I will be doing one for each sun month .I will explain more in an upcomming video .  There's more please, check it out . 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

" Forgiveness" - Poem


To have put blood and guts and feces in our mouths is a horrible thing to have to forgive ourselves for but,
that is the coordinates we have incarnated in. 
To forgive ourselves for putting pus  and mucus and urine in our mouths is a horrible thing to have to forgive ourselves for but,
it is what we have to do to open our heart chakras full
To forgive ourselves for putting skin and bones and tendons and faces in our mouth's , or throats, or bodies....
We must wake up to what we have done,
to stop ,
to face it and to forgive ourselves for this doing in our past 
To free ourselves,
To be true, 
To be honest . 
Uncomfortable and emotional as it is .