Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Triple R Earth Day List

Triple R Earth Day List

A work in progress :

While blogging I became inspired to come up with three ways in which I can and will reduce , three ways I can and will reuse , and three things I can do to tweek and  improve my recycling . So, this list is born . I encourage you to consider this listing project for yourselves , follow through , and to share them here if you'd like . I'd love to see others!

I created this Earth day list for myself . and later realized it's a good thing to share . If you do more to take care of the planet we will all feel benefits . you individually will feel benefits , like an increased sense of self- esteem , in the same way keeping a clean home provides more self esteem then keeping a messy, cluttered, and or dirty one as an example . So happy Early Earth Day ! Please, take heed to care for Earth as best you can all year round and honor this holiday by evaluating your self and actions and looking into what steps you can take to conjure up new long lasting important improvements !

This is the exercise or project I created for myself and I suppose unknowingly for you as well .
It's called The Earth Day Triple R List . It uses Reduce , Reuse , and Recycle . I've decided to think of three things I can do or learn more about in each category in order to make positive improvements . Here's mine so far
 " Earthday Triple  R list . "
R educe - 1.) vehicle gas with improving weather , 2.) tea packaging- through buying loose leaf and making my own blends more  3.)electrical use
R euse- 1.) worn out clothes - as rags for cleaning 2.)
R ecycle - 1.)Crushing cans to prevent cats and other animals from geting injuried .2.) take batteries and other special recycling place stuff to appropriate location 3.) Write down information on special reycling items I don't yet know about

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