Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trees !! Magnificent trees!!

What's your relationship to trees? As we all know on some level we are each involved in a very intimate relationship with trees. they "breathe " out oxygen . We breathe it in. We breathe out co2 and they breathe that in .

 I am a tree lover ! I hug them . I touch them . I kiss them . I sit under them . I take photographs with them . I listen to them and, I talk to them both mentally and occasionally out loud .
So, what's your relationship with trees? Do you keep your distance ? Appreciate them ? Not think much about them ? Use them and abuse them ? Consider them essentially inanimate ? Love them ? Have a solid friendship? what ?

 Trees are like animals - human and non human - and trees are not like animals - human and non human .
Trees are not inanimate . They are living . This is indisputable scientific fact . I believe trees have a spirit as, all animals - human and otherwise but, where we and animals differ from trees and other plants is trees do not have a nervous system thus, they don't" feel "pain as animals do . I don't believe trees "feel" pain at all but, I am certain they don't feel pain the way beings with a nervous system do . Because, animals are mobile a nervous system serves us to direct our actions . Fire hurts , don't allow yourself to burn . Move. It's cold , seek warmth . Because, trees and plants are immobile I believe Gaia in her infinite wisdom did not give trees and plants pain receptors that have no benefit. However, in talking to house plants and giving them love it's been shown they respond differently than when they are treated like inanimate objects even when still watered and given proper light and so forth . This and other things leads me to believe they have spirits but, not a nervous system ( pain ) .

 This is a hard concept to grasp immediately I think . A spirit or soul without the ability to feel pain because, we have been raised to relate spirits to the animal kingdom and some people to only people and not to separate it to plant life or if we do we tend to view plants in our image ( pain feeling , brain thinking..etc.  ) .

 One question people sometimes ask is . You are vegan , what about the plants ? I believe plants feel pain too . Sometimes, I think an individual is trying to have a real conversation about it and is actually asking " ok, you don't want to cause, harm but where do we draw the line plants are alive .." The answer, even if plants had a nervous system would still be veganism because, it takes far more plants to feed the livestock and then eat the livestock then to get nourishment directly from plants . So, you would and are killing more plants and animals than you are killing plants when you eat plants .

Konrad Lorenz, a renowned ethologist said " Anyone who can't see the difference between chopping up a dog and chopping up a lettuce should commit suicide for the benefit of society. "

 Now, like I said I think a good amount of that time people are actually asking a question of spiritual inquiry regarding the spirit of plants and confusion of spirit separate from pain feeling ability .

 So, what about the spirit of the trees and plants ? Isn't it immoral to eat them because of that ? Well, like I already said you eat less plants if you eat them directly . One does not have to destroy plants to eat well either if you so choose , most of the time we are actually eating parts of the plants that don't cause the plant to die ; fruits, seeds, nuts, beans, berries , leaves and so forth . Yes, we ( people) eat some roots as well but mostly what we eat doesn't kill plants.

  So, in regards to my personal feelings about it and they aren't concrete. It's just how I feel. It may someday change or not I don't know . I feel the spirits of  plants treated well and then eaten aren't bothered by it . They don't feel pain and I think the souls experience a transformation and alchemy when becoming us through eating not a death and destruction . I think they are more apt to respond poorly or have soul damage occur when we are mindless with them ( ripping them out of the ground , angerly cooking dinner and so forth ) . And, before someone gets silly no you can not apply the same principals to eating animals , try replacing animals or pigs, chickens etc. with humans to see if it holds up  because, animals feel pain , and emotions, and have brains, and sense things . They feel fear , joy, will, and their bodies with the very same equipment ( nerves , scent, vision, ears, brains, etc. ) you do .  Observe all life including the plants in your life and see what your intuition shows you !

Trees are like animals and people in another way too I've noticed . They are all in a sense individuals , unique in their characteristics and features and growths . No two trees are exactly the same . There are a wide variety of different types of trees and from there each tree itself is unique ! How beautiful and wonderful ! It is like a sort of abstract personality each tree has I feel  .

So, ode to trees !

Hoping you respect them , bond with them , enjoy them, and know the difference between them and beings with pain receptors !

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