Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter Solstice/Yule

Winter Solstice -Yule

  • What is it ? 

It is the longest night and shortest day of the year which is either on the 21st of December or 22nd of December depending on the year. It's also the first day of Winter.

  • Activities-
Make a Pagan Nativity Scene, Meditations - especially on peace, upcycled wrapping , gift making - exchanging -and buying , story writing - telling - and reading , Decorate a solstice tree, make a yule log , gathering , dancing, kitchen witchery , baking, remedy creations, candle making

  • Rituals/spells -
 Spell sachets for your solstice tree or anywhere, snow magic, ice magic, consecrate/ charge snow water, spell baskets ( for gifts ) , make and charge jewelry , meditation/ magic/ spell work and rituals for inner wisdom and guidance, peace, love, increased happiness, purification, joy , love, and safety .

  • Crafts - 
upcycled wrapping paper , homemade gifts - link - wreaths, tree ornaments, pagan nativity scenes , sculptures, candles, quilts, - any indoor crafts story books- kids and adults, book making , sleep crafts- pillows - dream catchers, etc.

  • foods 
- vegan corn chowder , nut balls/ bonbons , gingerbread pancakes, vegan mac and cheeze (add kale and or tomatoes to get in color ) , oatmeal's, scrambled tofu , hot coco, trial mix , pesto , cabbage lentil soup , veggie soup, vegan whipped potatoes, yellow smoothie , dried fruits, citrus, nuts, seeds, baked goods ,nut and seed butters , peppermint, vanilla, ginger ,   store-able foods - grains, beans , lentils , dehydrated  or freeze dried fruits and veggies, tea blends, foods in the festive colors - green, white, red, orange, yellow, warm comfort foods, and anything in season in your area


  • youtube channel Toadstool Mushroomgazer
  • vegan gifts , www.veganessentials.com , www.veganstore.com 

Additional notes- Please note my blogs on Sabbats are my personal ideas for crafts, activities etc. Certainly not all there can be .

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