Sunday, April 27, 2014

list of Edible Flowers ( There's 42 listed ! )- Along with a description of their taste so, you can best decide how to use them :)

Enjoy vegan dishes and drinks with flowers !
Definitely a super way to be festive !!
May I recommend you keep in mind - ice cubes, salads, fruit salads , grain salads such as the ones below
vegan sauces and pectin jellies ?
Of course keep it vegan ! Don't add blood foods to the flowers ! Keep it clean , beautiful, and healthy !

I'm looking forward to exploring flower incorporation to foods and in my recipe creation this Spring and Summer ! and , will share recipes with you once I discover ones worth sharing !

Here's the link to the list ! -

lemon Quinoa with almonds It's just what it says quinoa with almonds tossed in (after cooking ) and spritz with lemon juice to taste . It's delicious!

Simple wild rice and quinoa grain salad with lime  
Simply made wild rice according to package directions (don't use anything that says optional ) and made quinoa according to package ( no to optionals) ( Mine has just a hint of lime taste If you want it to have a distinct lime flavor you should prob either add 1 tbs of lime juice to the measuring cup than the water so it cooks in some lime juice as well or add two tbs at the end ) than add one tbs of (or two if you want )lime juice( 100% lime juice no sugar ) to the quinoa and mix in than add some almonds and mix together . It's good cold or warm .

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