Saturday, July 18, 2015

Veggie Potato Pancakes ! Summer means colorful !!

Looking for something new and exciting to eat ? Check these out !
Veggie pancakes

- First I made mashed potatoes vegan of course, just potatoes and a little coconut oil ( vegan milk if desired ) then I added fried kale , onion , and a diced orange bell pepper . Allowed it to cool then made patties and set it in a heated frying pan ( with a small amount of coconut oil in it ) To cook until browned . ( a flip is required )

-These are delicious with frank's original red hot hot sauce , some diaya cheese melted ( a delicious vegan cheese when melted ) , I guess if you are one who eats ketchup on potatoes you might like that .

Friday, July 3, 2015

After-Thoughts for the Summer 2015 Elemental Tarot Readings ( On my Youtube Channel )

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 
The video -
  • Careful , Mindful thinking and communications are recommended not to be confused with obsessive and over analytical which is cautioned against . 
  • Allow your emotions to be externally expressed rather than suppressing or repressing them until a build up causes an explosion . 
  • Admit when you have been wrong 
  • Apologize and ask for forgiveness from those you've mistreated 
  • You are apt to be missing things because, of where you are focused mentally 
  • Unhandled financial matters, matters to do with property, health, possessions, and body image issues are causing unnecessary psychological suffering and poor communication issues with others  
  • Use your skills, talents, wisdom, and abilities to overcome the things that are stressing you out related to your body, money, property, home, and possessions. Come out of ruts and comfort zones as necessary to do this. 
  • Partake in activities that unite all of your sides and give you a feeling of inner harmony to make your life easier and more enjoyable .
  • To simplify your path and journey spiritually see last bullet point . 
  • Take your time as needed to do things right . It is an illusion that you don't have time to do things right. - Meditate and come from Source . 
Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces 
The video -
  • Warming healing energy is available 
  • Buying things that help you to relax and de-stress may be a good idea. Some suggestions - Epsome salts , meditation cds, a vacation , a massage, a dishwasher( things that allow you to have more time to relax in healthful ways ) or that make tasks simpler and less stressful 
  • Ask questions when curious 
  • For some reducing, minamalizing , and letting go of over buying and finding new ways to achieve will be helpful !  If clutter , buying , making money to buy things, cleaning so many objects , etc . is now stressful for you .
  • Connect and communicate with Source
  • More intuition less logical analysis particularly for those who have a busy mind 
  •    Keep mental health by balancing strong emotional energies through Spirituality , returning to nature , relaxation 
Earth Signs- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
The video-
  • Transformative energy is available and trying to reach you about being a co-creator and not a victim when it comes to change and transformation 
  • Appreciate the material things you have also, the money you have and the body and health that you do have 
  • Avoid  spreading yourself too thin with your actions - avoid taking on too many projects .
  • Time for transformation and change in emotional, intuitive , psychic , dream , thought, communication realms 
  • Stop keeping your feelings ( esp. "negative ") in and suppressing them . Learning to communicate them appropriately and timely to the appropriate people ( generally the ones involved )  is strongly urged 
  • Spiritual and emotional evolution to occur. This can include many things some examples are - New view of your dream world, fantasies, vision ( emotional desires) , emotions and their purpose 
  • The above mentioned transformations are apt to be challenging for many of you. It is like the birthing process ; your beliefs , fears, and mental state, and focus  have much to do with the amount of suffering you experience 
  • Open-mindedness, releasing of fears, healthy vulnerability is helpful 
  • What comes after is fresh, new, and full of vitality 
  • Help with emotional and mental transformations may be found in - meditation , listening and note taking when internal guidance/ intuition is received and then acting upon it , letting go of old patterns . 
  • Start to learn to listen and act on the intuition 
  • A big part of the change is allowing things to steam more from intuition and internal guidance. Your communications, behaviors, and actions ( what you do ) will start to come more from this place and your path will be more your own ( your spirit's ) than a combination largely involving other peoples desires . This will also bring greater abundance and joy in your physical world ( health, possessions, wealth improvements) 
  • Get rid of possessions and habits that are unhealthy and not in alignment with your heart/soul .
  • Let go and get rid of excesses 
Air Signs- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 
The video -
  • Handle the material , financial, physical shake-ups by relaxing , practicing meditation, allow internal / intuitive guidance - take notes and allow it to help you find the things that you need to do about the situations and shake-ups 
  • Keep an eye out for syncronicities
  • New ways of relating to money, your body ,and  possessions are apt to come- More spiritual ways for many 
  • Avoid using manipulation to get what you want 
  • Look at your actions , motivations, behaviors, and inspirations . Look at what is the best quality in them and where you may need to rinse off the crud and then do so . For example : Your drive to help others is of great quality but, you are invasive and insist others do things your way "for their own good" which is producing bad results . Keeping your desire and motivation to help others you may do your best to be less intrusive and give others your advice but be less insistent that they must take it . 
  • If you lose opportunities or are told you can no longer do something you have been doing . Be honest with yourself and others as applicable about any manipulation and underhandedness you are responsible for in relation and evaluate your total involvement. Look at what was good on your part such as your intent , your hard work , or any of a multitude of other possibilities as well as the things you are advised to work on in your actions, motivations, behaviors and drives . 
  • Joining groups where you can explore feelings, the dream world, intuition , the subconscious or perhaps just express your feelings is favored this Summer 
Behind the scenes of the Tarot Readings video