Monday, July 21, 2014

Update Litha- Lammas 2014 season personal update

 Hi everyone,
I just thought I'd take some blog space and type about some of what I have been up too.
 Right now as I type - July 18th were pretty well in the middle of Litha and Lammas.
 One person said to my the other day ." Nice Summer huh? " "Yes", I replied then he said " It'll be winter again soon. " This was a negative thought to have come up because, we are not far into Summer and here in New England we had a long winter last year . It was chilly and winterish through most of Spring .
 I tried to brush it off as nothing but, because the next Sabbat is Lammas- the first harvest festival , my mind drifted to Autumn a bit . It drifted to colored leaves and pumpkins and fall scarfs. The thing that spooked me was it was all pleasant day dreaming .
 Autumn is my favorite season . But, I want and intend to appreciate and enjoy the wonderful Summer fully .
 Later - over the next couple days I noticed myself finding negativity in the now - the Summer - spiders , humidity and such .
 So, I stopped myself and created an exercise . I folded a piece of paper in four sections and I wrote each season then I wrote what I like about each then I flipped it over and wrote what I want to get and do out of the rest of this Summer and then each of the upcoming seasons .
 This exercise served to point out there's good I appreciate in each and to re-align me with where we are right now in the moment - in Summer. It was good. I found that most got written on Summer , then Autumn and so on with only a few on Spring . This exercise put me back on track where I want to be.
 Another thing I have been doing is foraging - not much yet but, I have done some prep work -taken down notes and made plans . I have found ,picked, and eaten some wild berries and also, as my last post shows a day-lily . I have my eye on some sumac for the very near future. This feels wonderful for a few reasons just one being the connectivity I feel eating from my very close, natural , wild surroundings - It brings me closer to home, to the land , the here and now ,Earth's nurturing and providing .
 I have made a lammas book - a spiritual / peaceful warrior affirmation book more specifically - video coming soon.
And I am working on a couple others - one for wildcrafting and foraging and one for a grimmore which is to be my Maboon gift to myself.
 I know book making isn't traditionally Lammas related and is Imbolc related (atleast to me it is ) but, because of the content of the books it feels like it belongs in the present's doings .
 I have done a Lammas altar and I've been working with my warrior archetype and have had some related ideas come to me I have yet to utilize.
 We have been having a wonderful Summer here! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day Lilly Salad ! :)

To the left is a Day lily salad I recently made . It was delicious ! 3 greens - lettuce, kale and beet greens , daylily petals ( rinsed ) and balsamic vinaigrette. Be careful not to use too many day lilies or your stomach will be upset but , a few was scrumptious !

To the right is a vegan pinto bean open quesadilla . Its an alvarado street bakery sprouted tortilla toasted after folding and breaking into 4 pieces . It has diaya chedder shreds melted on it ( a delicious vegan cheese when melted ) and my pinto bean creation - Cooked pinto beans a vegan pasta sauce chili powder , fried onions, and jalapenos also a little pepper .