Thursday, May 8, 2014

Make ahead Mother's Day brunch Anyone ? - Easy but, delicious stuff -

Make Ahead Brunch :

Tofu Scrambler 

Prep the veggies ahead of time :
Dice one sweet white onion 
Dice sweet or bell peppers and or jalapenos 
Chop or dice any other veggies you'd like in it .
You can pre- saute them . Allow to cool and then refrigerate .
At the time of cooking
Just cut up firm tofu , add tofu scrambler pack . Mix with tofu
fry ( med. - high heat ) , add diaya if desired . And add veggies to heat .( At time of cooking time estimate 10- 15 minutes )

Smoothies may only take a few minutes anyway but, if you want to you can make one ahead of time , refrigerate it and pull it out right before serving . I recommend you combine favorite fruits and berries with a vegan milk and banana and or mango to thicken .

Home fries 

again can be made a day in advance. weather baked or fried the smaller you cut the potatoes the less cooking time is required. A plant strong way to do this is to substitute vegan veggie broth in place of the oil. Great on their own ; delightful additions I've found include, onions, and peppers or, herbs - oregano, basil, pepper, rosemary , thyme, garlic , parsley , all good options or salsa , or nutritional yeast .

To add some color and "specialness" you can add sweet potatoes or yams to the mix .

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