Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day Lilly Salad ! :)

To the left is a Day lily salad I recently made . It was delicious ! 3 greens - lettuce, kale and beet greens , daylily petals ( rinsed ) and balsamic vinaigrette. Be careful not to use too many day lilies or your stomach will be upset but , a few was scrumptious !

To the right is a vegan pinto bean open quesadilla . Its an alvarado street bakery sprouted tortilla toasted after folding and breaking into 4 pieces . It has diaya chedder shreds melted on it ( a delicious vegan cheese when melted ) and my pinto bean creation - Cooked pinto beans a vegan pasta sauce chili powder , fried onions, and jalapenos also a little pepper .

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