Sunday, April 6, 2014


Imbolc ,Imolg, Mid- Winter 

Friendly Crafts  :
ly craftsEnviromentally friendly vegan Candle making
Enviromentally friendly vegan soap making
Enviromentally friendly hygine product making -
Enviromentally friendly cleaning supply making -
Upcycled book making

Life lessons :
Importance of cleaning on all levels , hope, patience, creativity, gestation - the light in the dark that brings new creations , cleanliness, attention,observation,meditation, Respect and honor for the sacred feminine principal and beings , attuning and Listening to higher self -7th chakra realm in combination with third eye chakra

Vegan corn chowder -

Directions: 1.) Cut up 2 sweet white onions 2.) put in pan with a small amount of oil 3.) cook (stirring occasionally)until softened (medium heat )
4.) Add 1/2-2/3 C. whole wheat flour(or healthy alternative flour ) and cook until browned
5.) Cut desired amount of potatoes ( I used 5 medium/large russetts)
6.)boil in 1, 32oz soy or other vegan milk container ) until almost done(fork goes through but there's a little resistance )
7.) add 3 cans of corn (sometimes I go for 2 yellow one white  ) and add onion mixture once golden. 8) Add one container (oz size pending sorry delicious brand coconut creamer (original) 9.)mix 10.)Allow all to get warm and when potatoes are done(fork goes through effortlessly ..)'re done . pour in bowl and add salt (sea preferably ) and pepper to taste . Yum!

Blueberry Cream Oatmeal -

Notes: Good warm or chilled. I prefer chilled.
Ingredients: 2 C. steel cut oats
 1 1/2 C. frozen blueberries 
1- 8oz. container SO delicious (brand of coconut yogurt )
blueberry flavored yogurt 2 1/2 tsp.
 Directions: 1.) Start preparing oatmeal cook at 5-6 heat instead 
( here's our standard recipe for oatmeal 1."the taste test method" - ( If you prefer use another basic recipe found elsewhere to create the oatmeal base consisting of just the steel cut oats and water )  Pour oats and water into med. saucepan and cover. Bring to a boil 2. When bubbling , stir and reduce heat to low . Stir often and add water so oatmeal appears wet until oats are no longer crunchy . 3.When desired consistancy is achieved, remove from heat )
 2.) Add 2/3 the blueberries 1/2 way through cook time mix in xylitol .
 3.) Add remainder of berries to allow just enough time for them to dethaw (approx 10-15 mins ). Mix 
4.) When done and off burner mix in yogurt .

Whipped potatoes and horseradish with seasoning

* note -Requires electric mixer
1.) Potatoes (5-6)med/lrg russet potatoes
2.)horseradish (Not sauce ! Just pure root stored in vinegar) 2tsp-3tsp. /to taste
3.)thyme to taste (I used approx. 3tsps.)
4.)hemp seeds( Optional) 4tbs or to taste
5.)celtic sea salt (Or another salt if you must lol ) a few pinches to taste
6.) Pepper to taste
7.)1/2 to 3/4 C. Soy or other unsweetened vegan milk
1. Wash potatoes 2. and than cut into one inch cubes 3. Place in a pot of water and boil until very soft 4.) Drain any excess water 5.) Place potatoes in a large boil 6.) Add in about 1/3 of the vegan milk and horse radish 7.) with electric mixers mix together adding vegan milk as needed.8.) When smooth and well whipped add in remaining ingredients and 9.) whip briefly to incorporate everything .

Cleaning supplies - -

Hygiene Supplies -

Turning in:
Meditation -
Guided meditations -
Chakra aligning and work -
Crystal magic , attuning and cleansing -
Activities :
Journaling and other introspective work

Respect for Lactation , Mothers , the feminine  :    

Other rituals and activities :
Purification -
Take a cleansing, purifying bath -
Do a home cleaning -
Do a spiritual, mental ,or  emotional cleansing -
Write letters -
Do divination -
Ice Magic
Snow magic
Purification magic
craft magic - making magical candles, soaps, bath salts , etc.
Magic to heighten spiritual awareness, mindfulness, intuition

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