Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Cleaning as Sacred !

Spring Cleaning as Sacred !
 Well, This year I've been hit with this force that has me writing a whole series on Spring cleaning. I'm baffled really. This is not the topic of a series I would assume to choose. Nonetheless, it calls out to me.
 Perhaps, I should be honored, this is Wood Horse year .
I grudgingly, clean my roofed space. I feel, I no more than spin around and it's a dusty dirt storm again. I am challenged with the reality that the space is too small to hold our things and provide enough space for the amount of chi flow I desire.
 I have lived modestly in the past with few possessions and it was liberating , helpful, and not as bad as many think . Let's just say the cloud was fluffy white and had it's gold lining . But, since then I have accumulated more than I had before . While, I have a selection of different clothes that I feel is between humble and extravagant, I find that most my things are tools that I use to create the life I want and to give and share  . I have my art supplies, my craft supplies, my educational books, notebooks,  and so forth . I regularly pick out a few things to shed and get rid of them and have been doing so for a couple years. But, I am left with a conundrum with this project of Spring cleaning this year . The usefulness of my possessions and the dream of moving to a larger place this year leaves me unsure of what to do . Nonetheless, I'm trying ! I keep trying to prepare well for what's already here ( in calender terms anyway ) Spring .:)

 The more I think about spring cleaning and cleaning , the more I think about it's benefits and connections beyond the obvious physical realm. There's feng shui to consider. There's ritual and action. There's the obvious uplifted moods that come from a neat home with your personal touches .
 To a lot of people the terms cleaning and sacred don't belong together . And , it sounds absurd . Others will "get it" before they read this .
  From a feng shui point of view your worldly possessions are an extension of you . Your home , your car , they are so linked to you and your life that problems in specific areas can be linked to problems in specific areas of your body . Windows for instance = your perception , the ceiling your brain and head . So , with this in mind going through your things and getting rid of that which is no longer serving you equates to getting rid of excess in your body and life that is not serving you . If it's not serving you it is in the way of chi flow. This means it is in the way of new opportunities and good life giving energy. It inhibits the chi's ability to flow through your life and body .
 Cleaning ( dusting , vacuuming, washing grime out of bathrooms and so on ) = cleaning the grime and old accumulation of debris from your body and life .
 So, I see it is a very spiritual and very sacred act indeed ! It may be fun , enjoyable, a drag, boring, work, or refreshing . Or a combination but, it reaps great rewards and is perfect for Spring, when nature comes out of it's winter and sprouts forth life energy ( sun and warmth ) and lots of new greenery , and flowers ( growth ) .
 Having done our Spring cleaning we are more prepared to receive and experience the gifts of Spring and the abundance of chi available for our lives and bodies .

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