Saturday, March 15, 2014

Home-made Healthy Environmental friendly vegan cleaning recipes

  • MIRROR AND WINDOW CLEANER - 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water . Newspaper to wipe off shockingly works best .

  • TUB AND SHOWER CLEANER - Just cover area with a layer of baking soda , wait a few seconds and pour white vinegar over it then wipe right off . Don't allow wait time . Works great ! 

  • MULTI PURPOSE AND TILE FLOOR CLEANER - Vermont organics lemongrass soap [(liquid)1 drop per 1 c. of warm water ] , water, baking soda ( 1/2 tsp.per C water) *Adjust amounts of baking soda and soap based on need/ dirtiness . Start with increasing baking soda and go from there as needed . 

  • CARPET POWDER-Carpet powder recipe : By the way just baking soda sprinkled itself does wonders ! It's good enough cleansing wise .

        Ingredients:  Baking soda ( amount depending on amount of carpet or size of batch you wish to make ),herb(s) ( If you have pets MAKE SURE IT OR THEY ARE NOT TOXIC TO ANIMALS !) ideas ,rose hips or petals, lavender , sage . Again amount varies on size of batch you are making and  your preference,Tool to grind them up fine (optional but, desirable )

      Directions :1.)Finely  grind up herb(s) of choice . 2.) Mix baking soda and herb(s) in a container bowls work if you are using the whole batch at one time

      To Use : 1.) sprinkle the carpet powder over your carpet 2.) Allow to sit about 20 minutes 3.) And then vacuum up .

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