Monday, February 24, 2014

Home Made Healthy Vegan Hygiene Recipes ( Easily made into spells too if you think about it ;) )

  • BODY , FACE, AND FOOT SCRUB - fine sea salt of choice (Celtic,Himalayan  etc.)1 drop essential oil compatible with your skin type per 3/4 C salt ,coconut oil about 2 parts, salt 1 part  you can refrigerate it ,add Vermont organic's lemongrass soap or pure vegetable glycerin if you desire , a few drops extra plant oils if you want/need for skin type such as apricot oil 

  • BATH SACHETS - herbs, tea bags ,or coffee filters ( non dyed or bleached ) string or iron  . Stuff sachets tie or iron and use in bath

  • BATH AND FOOT SOAKING SALTS -Epsom salt , a few drops of essential oil compatible with skin and or dried crushed herbs or flowers of choice such as rose petals and rosemary.( Peppermint's great for feet !) Optional 1/4 tsp baking soda per 1 C. salt 

  • COCONUT CONDITIONER - coconut oil 3 parts , vermont organic soap or vegetable glycerin( optional ) a few drops ,water  1 part 

  • MOISTURIZER -100% cocoa butter , shea butter or , coconut oil , or a combo of them 

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