Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day ! Oh, It's magically Delicious !

Happy St. Patrick's Day ! Oh, It's magically Delicious !

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all !

Let's start here I'm not advocating you drink but, if you are going to .... please, make sure your drink is vegan . Check here to see if the liquor is

Dancing is great exercise and good for the spirit, emotions and mind ! So, I will advocate the river dance ! lol 

Cabbage Lentil Soup ! 
A Fav of Mine !

1. boil 3 cups of water in a large pot 2. add 2 c. black lentils 3. reduce to simmer and cover 4. Cut up carrots (I used 7 ) into desired size 5. Add carrots to pot and recover

6. Cut 2 onions to desired size  Add to pot and recover 7. Add one container vegan vegetable broth ( I like Trader Joe's brand )  and stir and recover 8. Turn heat up to medium low and cook until carrots are slightly tender ( depends on size of carrots ) about 20 minutes stir every once and awhile while cooking.9. Chop desired amount of cabbage into desired size 10. Add more water to pot or a second container of vegetable broth if needed ( sorry no measurements here use your judgement . 16. Reduce to simmer 17. Add cabbage  and cook about 5 minutes (or until it tastes right to you ). 

Potatoes and Greens !
Also, Deliciously Nutritious !

1.) Cut up desired amount of potatoes into home fry size chunks (I used 5 large russets total ) 2.) lightly oil a casserole pan 3.) place potato chunks in dish 4.) bake at 375 degrees until about 15 minutes from done (until fork goes through but there's a little resistance ) approx 25 minutes

5.) Add greens . ( I bought a 16 oz bag mixture of baby chard, baby spinach and baby kale and dumped the whole bag on ) You could of course use different amounts and or fresh

6.) Bake for the remaining 15 minutes or so , until a fork slides easily through potatoes . 7.) add apple cider vinegar and sea salt .
I used 3/4 tsp. of apple Cider Vinegar and a pinch of sea salt per shallow bowls worth 

This is a copy paste from my other blog check that one out if you are interested in health and wellness ! 

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