Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I met a squirrel today !

 (This actually happened a couple days ago )

I'm very sad to be writing this blog !
My dear friend died today, I met him while he was dying. I didn't know him long at all.It's so hard to talk about and it's harder not to talk about him . 
  Josh found him by the road .I was told he was there. He was lying there with blood coming out of his nose. It was like  he was coughing and gasping . He was choking and trying to breathe enough .
  We put him in a box and got him away from the road pollution. Vehicle after vehicle drove by . It was not clean air ! I brought him up a hill and to my porch . I didn't know what to do .
  Josh went next door to ask the neighbor if she'd take us to the animal hospital up the road . He came back saying no. I was searching briefly for an eye dropper to try to give him water  . Briefly because, I was sure we didn't have one anymore.
  I pet his back and told him how sorry I was that this was happening to him and happened . I visualized a healing symbol and projected an offering of healing energy through my hands . He died within a few minutes after that . 
  Now I wait for Josh to get up from a nap and to help me clean the porch . I have cried out loud for my dear friend. His feet so small and wonderful, his being, this wonderful creature. 
   I see myself in him and in all here . It is more obvious perhaps , to some that humans mirror other humans in our relationships and we can see ourselves in them . But, nonhuman animals also,  mirror us . It is not hidden - pulse, and nerves, and faces, extremities, mobility , families, desires, sensation, emotions , fears, communication, I could type a page or more on this note .
   I did not take a picture because, it felt in the moment better to be there and not go away to get a camera and snap it while he fought to live . He, I thought does not need to be a show, a piece, a thing to pass around and share on the internet in his dying moments . I didn't want to take anything ,I just wanted to help .
  ( I have received word that a part of me is deeply remorseful about this ) because, pictures speak louder than words and I want people to be careful driving for the sake of the squirrels and all sentient beings .
  I am very sad ! I am very sad for his death . I am very sad that in a world of billions of people I don't have anyone near me moved by this . I am sad that there isn't local healing for injured woodland creatures advertised as commonly as anything else , clothes stores, vets, physiologists, post offices , and so on .     

I fell in love with this sweet  and magnificent being so, quickly , naturally . Anyone with an open heart would have . 


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  2. Very sad indeed. May he/she live on in bliss and love. May we all one day awaken to the truth that we are, that of love and compassion for all.