Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Orgasmic, Sweet, Healthy, Hydrating Drink - with aloe, yellow watermelon peach & coconut juice !

This is a delicious simple hydrating drink . I called it the orgasm I made in my blender. Yes, I found it that good . I hope you enjoy it if you make it ! 

Yellow watermelon chunks, coconut juice , peach get blended in a blender . Aloe gets added later. Be extremely careful cutting aloe . It is extremely slippery . I do not recommend this for amateur choppers ! Just leave it out if you can't find a pro or a proper knife for the task ,

This is a photo of an aloe leaf the way I cut it is to leaving the skin on slice it than chunk it all than start peeling . Again , put the knife down and wipe and wash as needed if it becomes the slightest bit slippery !
I love aloe it is hydrating and good for the skin and total body . 

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