Saturday, June 6, 2015

" Being open to the wind " ....poem

Air ,Gemini's giggle when I write about the sun here in this beautiful air sign ,
Like butterflies and moths ,
yet fickle ,
Yet all,
Being open to the wind the cool breeze on the hot day ,
on the warm day
Open to the air in all its colors and flavors ,
Open to what it has to say ,
And Ether too ,
and all you do
Open to hear it ,
Element speaks ,
all do ,
Happy Happy Litha season,
 Any season to you ,
Color me with your poetry and twirl in free -dome ,
The Sundial appears in rhythm and harmony to the birth of your creation ,
Stop the time and observe your day ,
Being open to the wind on a Spring day ,
The wind can take us away ,
and each cloud we appreciate ,
Create it your own way .
Solar exaltation we dance toward ,
Creating , it's ok.

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