Monday, May 4, 2015

How to make a Magic Shaker

How to make a Magic Shaker 

You will need

  1. The cardboard tube of a paper towel or toilet paper roll depending on the size you want 
  2. Colored paper appropriate to your intent 
  3. Poster or acrylic paint in the color (s) appropriate for your intent 
  4. Rubber bands ( My fav) or duct tape or other tape that can withstand the shaking 
  5. Filler dependent upon your intent . - Dried foods such as lentils, beans, and seeds are a great place to start for checking correspondences . Below is a small list of some . herbs can also be added . I would avoid crystals because, they'll likely get ruined and I don't think they'd react well to this. But, perhaps, sand or pebbles wouldn't mind.. not sure you should ask them and wait for an answer before you try if that appeals to you . 

Step one : Decide what your intent is and select your materials
Step two : Paint the cardboard tube and allow it to dry
Step 3: Cut out colored paper to cover the ends of the tube and you will need to have some hangover probably too.
Step 4: Secure onto one end the paper either with rubber bands or tape .
Step 5: Fill the shaker from the other end ( Don't actually "fill" it as in full . Leave room so, it can make sounds when you shake it .
Step 6: Seal the other end as you did the first one .

Wah- lah  and tah-da . You've got your shaker !

Some Correspondences :

 Sunflower seeds - Friendship

 Rose petals - Love

 Black lentils - Protection:

 Rice , golden flax seed -Wealth

Pumpkin seeds - Healing, Divination

Sesame seeds - Money, sex

Sea Salt - Purification, Cleansing

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