Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Root Chakra - some keywords

This is in no way intended to be an all inclusive list . Herbs may affect you in ways based on your current health that will require you to do further investigation, see an herbalist, or a doctor . This is not intended to substitute medical advice . Some herbs or essential oils can be harmful to animals / pets and may be inappropriate to use in some ways for humans ( some are not topical etc. ) . Please, check the safety for any companion animals you have around you and yourself before using. 

* While some people have claimed animal products such as meat are required for them to ground many including myself disagree. There is a significant difference between grounding and lowering your vibration. Consuming  animal products lowers your vibration not grounds you .  

The Root Chakra

The root chakra points downward . It connects us to the Earth . It is no mistake it is called the root chakra. Stability is related to this chakra in all it's respects . Tribal ties , connections, and links are connected to the root chakra.

 Every human's childhood has resulted in damage to the root chakra. It is where we are currently at in human evolution. No one escapes it thus, we all require root chakra healing in our lives for it's health , our health.

 I do not feel this chakra should be overlooked .

Vibrational Corresponding List

 Tribal Healing
Matter - Relationship to matter . Material (items , possessions ) , consumption
Organic ( I think decaf is best for grounding because , of the absence of the jitters ;)  coffee
Earthy Herbal teas
Red, mahogany, brown and black
Tree Root meditation
Foot chakra exploration
Sole ( Of foot)  to earth contact
De-cluttering, cleaning of ones environments , Space Clearing, and feng shui

Trees  ( Can be used as teas , supplements, salves, massage oils, meditated with etc. ) such as white willow bark powder for headaches and pain, that may be occurring . White willow bark has long been used in this matter and is where asprin originated from .

A certain amount of mindful research and exploration is required for you to line up with the tools currently most suited to your journey everyone is different .

Natural environments

  • Additional scents and tastes :

Cloves -
Earthy scents &
Wood scents such as Cedarwood, Pine, Frankensence, Myrrh,
Bergamont ( Although that's often said to be better for the Sacral chakra ) etc.

Many people also, find tubers and root vegetables such as potatoes, yams, and cassava ( what tapiocca is made of ) , Horseradish root and many more are helpful for them as well .

  • Stones and Crystals

All stones of Earth can be grounding . I think a stone or better yet two , one for each of your feet is especially great .

Fire opal -
Lava AKA Pumice stone- ( Particularly the black lava rocks )
Black Onyx ( You get the idea there are lots articles on the metaphysical, magical, and healing properties of gemstones out there. )
Black Tourmaline

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