Thursday, October 1, 2015

Total Full Moon Eclipse in Aries Esbat - Personal Pieces of Mine Update for my fans

I consider the day before, day of, and day after both the New moon and the Full moon to be the Esbats . This is a sharing of 3 days .

I don't know where to start with blogging about this Esbat Eclipse . It has been intense and epic . Do you have anything to share about this Eclipse ? Share it in the comments .
  • My Raw Apple Pie Esbat Treat 

Yes, it was delicious . Raw crusts are fast , easy, healthy, and delicious ( They are also grain free ) I will put a link to an online recipe for one here  . I had almond meal on hand and so this crust I made was that , walnuts, dates and a tad of water . The Apples -When I was a kid my mom used to make me a snack of apples , sugar and cinnamon. Well, this filling is a healthy take on that with xylitol , cinnamon, and nutmeg to taste . ( raw agave instead of xylitol would make this a delicious fully raw pie ) .  You are looking at 5 medium apples in this pie . 

  • A Reminder To Balance Chi Flow                                                                                                

I found this piece of paper in a notebook of mine I was sorting through . It was in a rather random place and I remembered this beautiful grape frame that wasn't in use and ta-da I put them together and I have this . It feels like a gift from spirit . It is just special , beautiful , and affirming to me . It's sitting on my kitchen table .

  • Oracle & Tarot Cards

The card that came out for me on the day the eclipse was exact from the above deck . It was drawn as guidance for the day . Here's what it said Beaver - " Industry, Creativity,Flexibility. If beaver swims down the river toward you , it is asking you to look at the structures you have created in your life. Do they support and protect you? Or have they become a cage, limiting your ability to flow and be flexible ? Perhaps, you need to use your industriousness ,creativity,and capacity for teamwork to create new and better structures ; this can refer to your emotional as well as your physical environment. Remember that there is strength and protection in family and community bonds . 

This card I got is 6 of Swords - Ascendancy 
Here's what the booklet tells of for this : 
" Diving into the depths of the unconscious mind on a voyage of sublime discovery. New creative ideas bring new comprehension  Free your mind of restrictive ideas and repeated anxieties. /the future holds a change which contains great intellectual challenges. " ( Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea ) 

  • Altars                                                                                                                                              

An indoor Esbat Altar I did . That's the previous collage I made on the bottom , made for the Virgo Solar Eclipse and one of the tarot cards I drew on the day the eclipse was exact it is drawn for the day  I did a 4 card spread the day before but didn't snap a picture of that . 

My outdoor altar . It got timed that Josh rescued some farmer's Market leave behind flowers on one of his walks and brought them to me . I threw them on the altar and then realized what coolness was just created . Frog totem animal guide for me . They keep popping up in the form of statues ( Like the little one in the back ) and I saw 2 of them on my last Mt. Hike. 
  • Moon Collage                                                                                                                                 

My b/f surprised me and cut huge circles this time around . This was different and rather cool for the eclipse in Aries . And It seems we have a few Esbats worth of them for the future . Starting big Aries ! Yes, I've gave up on insisting my moon collages be all the way trimmed . Lol. Sometimes I just like them better this way . 

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