Monday, March 31, 2014

Full and New Moon Collages

Full and New Moon Collages 
A project I think is really great is making full and or new moon collages .
To do this as I mean one needs cardboard circles ( one at a time ) or to cut cardboard circles . I feel that having them be about the size of your arm from your elbow to the end of your hand if you make a fist in width is a good size .
You'll need

  • magazines 
  • vegan glue -
  • scissors 
  • and uninterrupted time 

The rules I play by are simple and few .
I cover the circle so no cardboard shows.
I don't think too much about what I'm putting on it .
If I like an image or word or phrase I cut it out .
I (though recently haven't been)a day or more in advance, used to take a look at what's coming up between the phases I'm collaging for both astrologically and on my schedule  so, between the new moons if I'm doing new moon collages only or between new and full if I'm doing both . Then I put it out of my mind and keep it out of the front of my mind while collaging .

These are great tools .
 After you are finished you can hang them and you can analyze them . They have assisted me in finding things I didn't know I wanted as well, and have spoke to me about other things that my subconscious had hidden . They are great to meditate on , contemplate, analyze , and sometimes visualize with, and they are cathartic to do !

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