Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Carpet powder recipe can be made as a spell

Carpet powder recipe :
Baking soda ( amount depending on amount of carpet or size of batch you wish to make )
herb(s) ( If you have pets MAKE SURE IT OR THEY ARE NOT TOXIC TO ANIMALS !) ideas ,rose hips or petals, lavender , sage . Again amount varies on size of batch you are making and  your preference
Tool to grind them up fine (optional but, desirable )
Directions :
1.)Finely  grind up herb(s) of choice . 2.) Mix baking soda and herb(s) in a container bowls work if you are using the whole batch at one time .
 To Use :
 1.) sprinkle the carpet powder over your carpet 2.) Allow to sit about 20 minutes 3.) And then vacuum up .

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